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Daylight Sighting of Unknown Objects Near Las Vegas, Nevada - 6/14/2011

Aria Hotel & Casino located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo Courtesy of Digital Center.


A man reports to MUFON, that he and his wife, along with other guests at the Aria Hotel/Casino pool, had a daylight sighting of two brightly glowing objects.

Here is that unedited report:

MUFON Case #  30243
Date:    2011-06-14
Time:    09:45
City:    Las Vegas
State:    Nevada
Shape:    Unknown
Distance:    Over one mile
Location:    City
Terrain:    Mountains
Visibility:    Clear
Weather:    None
Vallee Index:    FB1
Summary:  Long duration daylight sighting of 2 craft from Las Vegas strip

On Tuesday, June 14, 2011, my wife and I were at Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on the 2nd day of our 5 day vacation. When in Vegas, our routine is to get to the pool at or around the time they open, which is typically 9:00 am. That day we arrived at the pool, picked our spots, and were in the pool by 9:30. At this time, half of Las Vegas is still asleep, so there were no more than 20 people at this pool at this time.

Weather conditions: Hot (probably high 80’s already, I believe it got up to 103 later that day); not a single cloud in the sky. No wind.

Shortly after dipping in the pool, I noticed a large, unusually shaped white luminous come from over the mountain range to the West/Northwest of the Las Vegas strip (I believe the Spring Mountain Range?). There is not one thing I can think of to describe the shape, except that it was a cluster of some sorts, with a rod coming down from it. My initial skeptical reaction was that it was balloons, but: at that distance, and it’s size, it could not be balloons, and at that point is was easy enough to see detail that it definitely was not balloons. Plus it emitted a bright, glowing light. I was pointing it out to my wife, and other people around us began to notice and talk about it as well. The object got higher in the sky, then started moving south along the mountain range (towards the flight path of McCarren Airport). Then, another object came over the range. This object, was smaller, and appeared to be a single oval shape. It was the same white color, and also emitted the same bright white light.

Over the next hour or so, we watched the objects as they moved to the south/southwest. They were definitely moving in tandem, and sometimes swap positions (left/right), but they always were fairly far apart. It was around 11:00 am when I saw the two lights for the last time. They were quite faint, far & at a high altitude. One was straight to the south, and one was southwest – they were very far apart at this point.

Here are some other notes:

- Right after the second object came into view, the area they were would have been directly in the flight path for departures/arrivals at McCarren Airport. I noticed that during that time period, no planes took off or landed from that direction.
- If possible, can you attain air traffic control recording, chatter from that day? Whatever the objects were, they had to have been talking about it – because the control tower would have had clear view of the objects the whole time.
- Also, there were approximately 10 helicopters the roared overhead (LV strip/Grand Canyon tours) during the time period where the sighting took place. Pilots & tourists had to have seen it.
- Reason for waiting to report after a month: I thought for sure someone else, perhaps an aviation professional would have made a report by now. I’ve been checking this site and others like it daily since this sighting happened hoping to see something but to no avail. I am still disturbed at how blatant these craft were above a major city, one of the busiest airports in the US, and the fact that they came from the general direction of Area 51 & the Nevada Test Site.
- I’d be happy to answer any questions an investigator may have.


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