Wednesday, July 27, 2011

UFO Caught on NBC5 (DFW) Live Cam

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As seen on the NBC5 website:

What is This Weird Light?

An NBC 5 viewer noticed a weird light drop out of the sky on our sky cam, and then fly away. What do you think it is?


Note:  I examined the footage, cropping and enhancing the images (as seen below).  This object is not a meteor, nor is it a jet, or a bug in front of the camera lens.
[No, it is not Venus, swamp gas, a cloud, ball lightening, balloon, or a Chinese lantern.]

The object drops at an extreme rate of speed, then at the last moment it pulls up and begins to ascend.

#1, meteors do not make U-turns just before slamming into the ground, therefore I must conclude that this object is most likely under intelligent control.

#2, The object appears to have mass, is quite large and at some distance from the camera (at least over 1 mile distant).

#3, Jets do not travel that fast, nor do they attempt such maneuvers over populated areas.  In addition, the G-forces exerted on the object, not to mention that any biological life form (human) within the craft would most likely be killed, or at least seriously harmed by such a maneuver.

Since I cannot readily identify the object in the video, my assessment is that it is an unidentified flying object (UFO).

What do you think it is?  Comments welcomed.

-Sunny Williams/LITS

Object descending
Image capture by SW/LITS.

Object descending.
Image capture: cropped, enhanced by SW/LITS.

Object ascending
Image capture by SW/LITS.

Object ascending
Image capture: cropped, enhanced by SW/LITS.


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