Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Flying Car" UFO captured on Video in Kansas City, MO


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As you have probably already read on this blog about the UFO caught on a DFW NBC5 live cam, that is not the only one, recently.

On May 17, 2011, before the 10:00 p.m. news, Brett Anthony of NBC Action News in Kansas City, Missouri caught a strange object on a time-lapse camera, that looks like a "flying car".

It isn't a satellite, the International Space Station, the Shuttle Endeavor, an airplane or a helicopter, so what is it?

Please, don't tell me it's a bug. -SW

     * A “flying car” UFO was captured on video with a time-lapse camera by Brett Anthony, a Meteorologist at the NBC affiliate KSHB in Kansas City, Missouri on Tuesday night. The video shows the full moon in the night sky, followed by the appearance of two lights resembling car headlights zipping through the sky. Anthony ruled out the International Space Station as a possible explanation for the lights, as that was visible in Kansas City at 5:00 AM, and the “flying car” sighting occurred at 10:00 PM. A woman who witnessed the lights in the sky on Tuesday night posted a comment on the KSHB website, sharing her opinion that the lights were from a medical helicopter. But no official identification has been made.

Watch the video for yourself:

Video Link


Also seen recently: UFO in the sky over Kansas City, Mo. – July 3, 2011

Still capture of Kansas City, MO July 3, 2011 UFO video.

Video Link

Read eyewitness reports here on

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  1. That flying car...
    Me and 3 friends of mine saw the exact the same thing. Exactly like in the picture, the "car" came closer and closer... Can't explain! I belivie it was the winter 2007 or maybe 2008, winter time in Sweden.


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