Saturday, July 23, 2011

Children in Arlington, TX see UFO

A child in Arlington reports a disc UFO.

Note:  Report is "as is", with no corrections.

MUFON Case #   30291
Date:    2011-07-21
Time:    23:38 GMT
City:    Arlington
State:    Texas
Shape:    Disc
Duration:    00:01:45
Vallee Index:    CE3
Summary:    had lights all on the disc red,white,and green. it stop and look at us for about a minute

Our dad told my sister and I to go take the dog outside my sister and me thought it was like a plane or hellacopter,i was gana wave at it but i relized it was not like a plane or any thing like that! Then it came above our house (about 100ft. above our house) relly fast then stoped for like minute. There was blinking red,white,and green lights, there was like door with a bright light coming out my sister and I saw like a person but it dident relly look like a human,whaile it stop it was looking right at us my sister got relly scared!.Then it veary fastly went away that is when i ran in and told our dad the story! he mad us draw pictures of it but we were in diffrent rooms. We ended up with the same picture but my sister drew the bottom and i drew the top it look veary alike!At first i dident thing it was a UFO but i got a good look at it and i relly belive it was a UFO!!!!


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  1. I saw many years ago the same object in Uruguay with my family. We were in our car and my mother driving, she stop at the outside the road and we could see the object very near. The object always rotate and the lights were red, green, yellow, etc, all differents colours. nI know was a real UFO, and is identical of the picture post here. My regards!


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