Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fiery Object Over Gunter, Texas

I received an emailed report of a fiery triangle shaped object that passed over the witness' home near Gunter, Texas.

Location: Gunter, Texas
Date: July 2, 2011
Time:  02:00


I came across your blog this morning while researching a object I saw in the sky above Gunter Texas at approx 2am this morning. The exact object I saw was posted on your blog from a readers email dated May 29,  2011.  Below is the drawing that was posted by the witness:

Drawing by previous witness, May 29, 2011.

When I saw this I was in disbelief. This is the object I saw this morning. I live north of town in the country. This object was traveling south to north, right over the top of my house. I estimate its altitude was 2k feet, the object was very large with flames coming out of both sides. I immediately ruled out a meteor or space junk due to the brilliant red lights on the front. It was there for about 3 seconds then the lights just went out all at once, flames and all. About an hour earlier, I witnessed a another event from your blog. A large white  ball of light, no strobes, moving west to east faster than a jet, but a lot lower than a satellite. It moved just over my head and the light just went out. Could have been crossing into the shadow of the earth  but it was too large to ignore with no strobes.

The last couple months I have been watching the skies over my house with binoculars due to the frequency of strange lights and unexplained objects in the wheat field behind my house.

Thanks for the great blog, I enjoy reading it.

And after I asked a couple of questions, the witness responded:

I got a good 3 to 5 second view as it came over the top of my house. My house faces south and it is a two story. I was in the back yard on the north side. the object was so spectacular I almost passed out with fear.

It is pitch black where I live with no city lights. All I have behind my house is wheat fields and I see white and red orbs flying around in the early morning hours. Sometimes they blink and sometimes the don't. Before the harvest, I walked the field and saw perfectly round depressions in the wheat approx 10 feet in diameter with no disturbance around them.

So I can't sleep at night knowing what's going on outside. I hope this helps and others may come forward to share similar activities.

Thanks Sunny and have a great holiday weekend!

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]

The original report of May 29, 2011 can be read here:
Texas- May 29, 2011- Witnesses Around North Central Texas See "Red" UFO


Note: I've also suggested to the witness, that he contact me the next time there is a crop circle.  Though not unheard of, it seems crop circles in Texas are rare.  This needs to be investigated. - Sunny


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