Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Helicopter Seen Circling UFO

Depiction by SW/LITS

Gold UFO chased by helicopter near Liberty Memorial in Kansas City

MUFON Case #  30247
Date:    2011-07-16
Time:    23:15
City:    Kansas City
State:    Missouri
Shape:    Circle
Distance:    Unknown
Vallee Index:    MA1

As called in to ASD on 7-18-2011 by one of the witnesses:

I was with five other adults visiting the Liberty Memorialin Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday night July 16. As we were walking down the steps to leave, I noticed a strange gold ball of light flying N.W. to S.E. The size of it was smaller than the full moon. It was a bright gold color and was perfectly round. The light did not pulse or waver, and there were no blinking lights on it like you would expect from a conventional aircraft. The helicopter made circles around the object it as it moved along. The object moved at different hights and inconsistent speeds, and we thought it was going to crash due to the angle it was headed down (45 degrees) but it did not. It changed size, probably based on moving further away and closer to us. It turned completely white then just dissapeared in front of our eyes. We heard the helicopter noise but nothing else, as if there was no other craft in the area. After the object dissapeared a plane came in the area, but we did not pay much attention to it so I don't know what type of plane it was. One of the men with us got some pictures of the object and helicopter. I would like to know if anyone else saw this object. Note from
FI: I am attempting to get a copy of the photos.

Note: This report which the witness submitted to MUFON, is posted here "as is" with no corrections.- SW


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