Saturday, July 16, 2011

7 Year Old Left In Wrong House

A woman recalls being placed back into wrong house:

MUFON Case #  30210
Date:    1967-11-30
City:    Bangor
State:    Pennsylvania
Shape:    Unknown
Summary:    They put me back in the wrong house!

This is what I can remember: About 7 years old, in a neighbors basement. Home owner comes down the steps, husband right behind her. "When did you come in here?" Questions just kept coming. "How did you get in here?" "Everyone is looking for you!" I look up at basement window. Dark out. Panic! I'm supposed to be home before dark! "Go right home, your mother's very worried!" I never said a word to these people. I just run home as fast as I can. And I'm terrified of the dark! Upon arriving home, I am confronted by my Mom. She is beyond upset. Starts hitting me with a yard stick. Mostly I remember her words: "We've been looking for you for hours!" I was sent straight to bed. A 7 year old little girl, in complete confusion about what had just happened. I don't remember any follow up questions. The events of that evening tucked away in my memory. And life just went on. However, unexplainable experiences and sightings of UFO's continue to this day. Finally needed to get this out. Just telling it now makes me feel shaken inside. I've known they are real since childhood. My question now is "What are their intentions?" You don't need to contact me. Proof dosen't matter anymore. That they have always been in some of our lives is a given. It isn't easy to live with though.


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