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News reports of a Russian Military attack against a 200 meter Alien Craft, on May 16, 2011

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Russian television recently released a report of an attack to huge UFO... of at least 656 feet in diameter upon Khabarovsk.
Allegedly, air and land missiles and Air Force attacked this object.
I shall present the report.  What do you think?

Russian television informed that a huge UFO of about 656 feet in diameter, was seen on May 16, 2011 above khabarovsk, the second important city at the eastern end of the country.
The unknown object was so threatening that it was attacked by military men.
People of khabarovsk said it was scary to see a huge craft that spinned and descended... overflew the city.
The witnesses assured the object didn't look like anything made by human science.

"It was about 656 feet (200 meters) in diameter, bigger than a commercial airplane."

Young and adults gathered upon the streets to stare the amazing bright object.  They panicked at moments.
T.V. news informed the UFO seen by the military from nearby facility, although it wasn't detected by the radar.
The military considered this presence in the sky to be hostile and immediately decided to shoot missiles and artillery against the UFO.
The missiles reached the UFO which suddenly changed direction and propelled out into space and disappeared.
The witnesses tried to record the UFO event that lasted 2 hours, but inexplicably the object wasn't caught on tape.

A teenager talks about it.
"I tried to record it with my cell phone camera but the alien technology didn't let me.  It was overwhelming."

The T.V. news informed that the government agent told the neighbors that what they saw was just a meteor of atmospheric phenomenon, but it wasn't anything strange.

"It's something about the weather in May and September.  You can see light refractions that could be caused by the swamp water."

An insect specialist that works for the government said that it was a swarm of bright insects.
But the witnesses that saw the UFO are not convinced with these illogical explanations.

This is not the first UFO incident reported in Russia.   On February 26, 2011 in Severodvinks, Russia, this bright object was caught on tape.  Some researchers assure it was a spiral UFO. 
Observe the extraordinary images.

Besides on April 5, 2011, Russian television informed about the sighting of a huge round blue UFO above Mansijsk, Russia.

A witness of this strange event was a Hanti Mansijsk resident.  At night he saw a bright light in the sky above the city. He took some pictures with his cell phone.  It was a bright blue elongated object.

"At first it was suspended in the sky, then it disappeared and everything was silent." The witness said the images were extraordinary.

"I woke up at 3 AM to smoke a cigarette.  I went outside to the yard and there I saw a blue light in the sky.  At first I thought it could be some military aircraft... those things happen...  Then I realized it couldn't be a helicopter because it was noiseless. It was completely silent.  There was no wind, I can't say it was an airplane, a helicopter or not. I'll leave it to the experts.   I'm only a viewer just like you."

People in Khabarovsk didn't accept the Russian governments hypothesis.
They ask themselves: "Is it possible that all the witnesses, including the military, had mistaken a swarm of insects?  Don't Russian military men have the capability of distinguishing a weather phenomenon... from an unidentified object?"


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Note:  OK, "swamp gas", a "swarm of insects?"   Oh, good grief...
Just goes to show that governments are so much alike,  it's downright scary! -SW


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