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Sighting and Possible Abduction In Hasty, Colorado - 1969

I received an email from a witness, who recounts a UFO sighting and incident, that happened to her and a friend in 1969.  Here is that report.


Location: Hasty, Colorado (approximately 2 miles from Cadoa Dam)
Date: 1969 (exact date unknown)

In 1969 I was 9 yrs old.  One of my best friends who was 10 yrs old was staying overnight at my house.  I lived at a tiny town in southeastern Colorado.  Back then, especially in places like that, us kids played out after dark and had lots of freedom.  The other people in the town were all indoors or in bed, most were older people and there were only a few of us kids that even lived there in town.

Well, we had just crossed the road after buying a soda pop, walking home about a block away when this thing comes up over us.  There was no noise at all, no wind or air movement from it and it hovered over us I'm guessing about 20 or 30 feet above us and also guessing eight feet around.  I could not see anything but darkness in the center of it but the outer edges of it was a circle of oscillating lights of red, blue and green to the best of my memory.  I remember looking up at it and saying to my friend that it can't be a helicopter because it's making no noise.

This thing hovered over us the whole block till we got into my house, told my mom as we ran through from the front door to the back and looked out the back screen door to see if it was still anywhere to be seen.  It had went over my house when we ran in and glided off over the countryside and over some houses on up over the hill.  My Mom must have thought we were making it up or something because I don't remember much of a reaction.

Later that night when we went to bed and turned out the lights my friend got really scared, freaked out and said she kept seeing big black eyes everywhere.  I thought she was just missing her home and being a scaredycat.  She called her mom to come pick her up and go home after midnight.  I didn't experience any of that and didn't connect her frightened reaction when the lights were turned out with the UFO.  None of it scared me at all.  I thought it was really interesting. 

The weird thing about it is, we never spoke of it again nor told anyone about it, like it had never happened.  Back then we hadn't heard or read about all of the UFO experiences of others and knew nothing about large eyed aliens etc. 

After I was grown up and had heard about other peoples' similar encounters around the world it was nice to know we weren't the only ones.  I remember all of this vividly but wonder what my friend remembers since we haven't seen or talked to one another in so many decades. 

Thanks for letting me tell my true story.  I have nothing to gain by it.  I just think that the more of us that tell, the better for us all.

Click on map for larger view.

And in another email the witness recalls:

One of my sisters and her boyfriend saw white lights zooming at angles and speeds that no known aircraft could possibly maneuver in Washington state near Mount Rainier in the 70s.  Again none of us ever report anything because we've heard how it is when people do. 

Anyway, back to what you mentioned about maybe more happened than we realized back in 69.  I did have some reoccurring dreams for awhile when I was a kid about not being able to move like my whole body was on Novocaine and I was being forced to look at some disc like an LP with grooves going around. but they stopped.  It's hard to say about something like that. 

One unexplained thing that is kind of interesting is a smooth, white, round mark on the lower back of my leg.  It is a little smaller than a dime and looks thinner than the rest of my skin, like scar tissue.  It's been there since I was a kid and I have never been injured there.  It is not a birthmark, I'm the youngest of the kids in my family and no one knows where the mark came from. This all probably sounds silly, but it's true.  I never gave all that much thought or connected any of it till I started hearing other peoples' experiences of odd things like that. 

Thank you again for allowing me to finally tell someone this weird stuff.


Note:  Is it possible that the witness has repressed memories of the UFO encounter in 1969?  I ask that, due to the reaction by her friend later that evening.

For reports of UFO sightings and encounters related to this or other sightings, please contact me.  You will remain anonymous. - Sunny Williams


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