Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wildlife Camera Catches More Than Deer!

September, 2009

(Click on Images for larger view.)

For the past 2 years, a man in Auburn, New York has been placing wildlife cameras on his farm, to photo deer.
He said the cameras are triggered by heat instead of movement. Here are 3 images he reported to MUFON.

His unedited Report: #19754- dear sirs over the last two years i have been putting out deer cameras out on my farm to photo camera has been pickin up some strange things i cant explan what its taking photos of.i was not there when the photos were taking.the camera is triggered by heat not by movement.ill attach the some of the pics from the last two falls and send them to you.please let me know what you think they might be thank you (name removed).


Editor's Note: The 1st photo appears to be an energy (plasma) ball. The 3rd photo could be some type of probe but I have no earthly idea what the 2nd photo depicts. It almost looks like some kind of giant bug. I'd be interested in opinions.

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