Friday, October 16, 2009

Possible Abduction, Missing Time In Illinois

MUFON Reports - This was in, or around 1995 when me and my girlfriend stopped at a park by a school in Crete, Illinois, to sit and talk.

As soon as we arrived we looked at the time and it was eight thirty. She had to be home at nine pm, so we had a half hour.

We walked a very short distance and she sat down right away and suddenly before I even sat down, she was wide eyed.

I turned my head to see what it was and I first noticed three airplane lights attached to a craft, that was the size of a sky scraper turned on its side. The middle was wider than the ends and it's color must of been black, because it was a lot darker than the clear night sky.

Before she could finish asking me if I saw it I replied yes. It was jaw dropping but my curiosity was greater than my fear.

The perimeter of the park was surrounded by people's back yards. I immediately began to yell for anyone with a camera, or if they were out, could they see this in the sky. As it began to drift I ran through the field; it was a very short run.

I wanted to see more. It was drifting out of my sight, so I ran through one person's back yard and suddenly I was just standing in a strange spot and heard my girlfriend calling my name, "Jason, where are you?"

I walked out of the yard to her and back into the field. She said she was looking for me forever, "I have to go home", but I argued I only went into that yard and came right back.

When we got into the car, it was 9 pm and I asked her how that was possible and again she said she was looking for me for a long time. Well, we arrived at 8:30 pm. It wasn't more than five minutes we saw the craft, or more than a minute after that I ended up in the yard.

The field is very short, you could walk across it in two minutes and all this happened so quickly. There is no explanation for where I was or where the time went.

A week later my friend introduces me to a book he's reading (Communion), after I tell him my story. He explains the connection between lost time and abduction? It's the only reasonable explanation. Since then, I have only had many realistic dreams of UFO sightings.

Editor's note: Report is complete, only spelling and some grammar have been corrected. I saw this report and thought it might have some merit. It would be interesting to know if this report will be investigated, or ignored.

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