Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Possible UFO & Contact in Stamford, Texas

Editor's Note: This report is unedited and is exactly as it was reported to MUFON. The only difference is that I have left out her last name.
Photo is a depiction we have created.

MUFON Report #19822: My name is sylvia .vxxxxxx I hope That you can handle what I am About to reveal some will say it didn't happen ...I have asked myself did it happen .And then I listen to the recordings my brother made as the events happened ...That's when I know it was real.I have pictures.I have recordingsI have an Alignment that was passed on to me by the intity that I don't know how to read it would take a math scientist or a professional to explain it to me......I have a mini video that I captured on my cell phone where this intity revealed pictures that I shouldn't have .They gave me a message that I need to pass on to somebody that knows what to do about all the information they have passed on to me.At times in some of the events the intity almost paralazed me sometimes i couldn't move sometimes i couldn't breath correctley as it sent it's message through my body.My brother was and has been a witness to almost all my incounters rather it be by phone or him standing in the same room with me as these things happen.if it were not for my brother being by my side telling me to hold on and not to be afraid and to stay strong I do not think that I would be standing here today .He kept me strong enough to let them relay all the pictures and events that have occured to me.There was one time when I was living in stamford texas .I had just moved up there from abilene,tx.I was still not completley moved in so i had a moving truck parked out in front of the property in stamford tx.The wind started to get very violent and I was in the house I thought there was a bad storm coming .So I went to our bedroom window to look outside to see what was happening outside....what I saw overwhelmed me.I saw like a dome shape grey black cloud.You know I felt like I was under something it was huge and it covered all of stamford or it looked like that to me.It settled wright over the house I was in.Then all of a sudden all these things started coming out from under it it looked like 10 or more different lights just swarming in different directions some came out together and some came out alone behind the rest they were different shapes and sizes there were many of them...My brother was allready on the phone with me at this time I had somehow managed to call him even though I was having chest pains I could hardly move...by the time I knew it I was in so much pain I had to sit down....my brother kept trying to calm me down asking me to relax and to take it all in so that whatever was out there could show me ...what they wanted to show me..I said brother I can do this ..as I said that all of a sudden one of the small ships started to come down towards me side ways it looked like it wasn't coming straight down in a straight form it was coming down in an angle but towards me .I said brother it's getting close to me ...He said stay cool just relax it's not going to do anything just keep describing what you are seeing so I can have it on this recording.All of a sudden the ship stopped. I could see it well it was staring at me the intity was staring at me I was scared to death the pain in my chest was at a max by this time .It just stood still in the sky staring at me..I was so scared ...then all of a sudden it went straight up ...back towards the others passing up above......and the dome started to lift and the trees were standing straight up that's how forcefull the wind and the energy was ....the trees were straight up... the wind was everything was violent like a tornado...was about to occur.My brother said sylvia sylvia go outside see if you can see where they are going....I said okay I felt the release on my body when the ship that was looking at me went back up I knew that what ever was in that ship wanted me to feel this pain and to see who was doing this to me......I ran outside .,and I stood on the bumper of the moving truck out front I looked up as the darkness was lifting ...And then I saw this huge ship space shipe something I had never seen ever in my life It had to be two football fields long And one football field wide..and under it had four ships connected to it in different sections underneath it.....it had a c shape at the end of it it looked like to letter c's facing each other......then more ships strated coming out across the sky I mean alot of them ....all of a sudden it split and formed like 15 big balls of lights and it went in different directions and the whole dark black dome that was covering everything in the sky lifted and disappeared.All the ships that I saw that day were crossing together they were almiost transparent...but I got to see them I got to witness them crossing ...Can some one help me understand all the messages they have given me ....some one needs to see what I have.......the pictures I have The recordings my brother took as it happened to me.The aliegnment that was given to me that I do not know how to read......

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