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UFO Seen In Wichita Falls

Witness' Drawing
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Editor's note: This report was initial posted to MUFON and has been reported to me. I have spoken via email with the witness and she appears to be very credible.

Report- I was returning home from a friends house traveling west on Southwest parkway in Wichita Falls, Texas. It was August 30, 2008 and it was approximately 11:20 pm at night. I was coming down the main highway that leads to the street I live on. I saw some lights flashing, but first thought was that it was an airplane. Our city has several airports and a military base.

Second thing I noticed was a car parked along side the road. I thought it was possibly broken down being the area it was in. As I got closer to the turnoff to the street I live on, I noticed that the car I had assumed was stalled, started up and it was going fast.

As I was approaching my street, the car turned onto my street and was going fast. I thought it was some kids checking the speed of their car then.

As I turned onto my street, that is when I got a better look at the light that had been flashing. It was not like anything I had even seen. As I drove down the street (it dead ends) I noticed the car that had sped in front of me pulled up to the end of the street and the occupants had jumped out.

I slowed down and stopped in the middle of the street in front of my house and got out of my car, as I was trying to watch this object with the lights and the people in the other car. It appeared to be two males, and one got out of his car, climbed up onto the hood of his car, and stretched his arms up to the sky like he was asking for someone to take him.

This object with the lights was now in better view, and it appeared disc shaped and it had lights that went all the way around. The lights would flash in sequence all the way around the object, but they did not all flash off and on at the same time.

The lights seemed to be grouped together by three. Three would flash, and then the next three would flash and it did this over and over only taking about 20 seconds or so to go completely around the object.

It was hovering and not moving. It made absolutely no sound. I noticed a very faint light blue light that may have been radiating beneath it, but may have been coming out of it. It appeared to have a metallic look but did not appear to be bright or shiny.

The male standing on the hood of his car started waving his arms high in the air and the other male seemed to be trying to discourage him. I hollered at the time and told the man on the hood not to do that, it might zap him or something, not knowing what this object was. The other male shouted and was wanting to make sure I was seeing it as well.

The object I would say was about the size of four homes without the yards. Most homes in the area are about 1800 sq. feet. I wanted to go inside my home and get my camera, but if that object zapped that man, I wanted to see it.

Now I understand why more people do not get pictures. You are afraid if you leave, it will do something and you will miss it. It stayed hovered there for maybe 1 1/2 minutes or so, and then began to move very slowly to the southeast of our city.

The males got back into their car and backed up and took another street to go and try to follow it. I got in my car and moved it into my driveway and went inside to call and report it.

Before I did that, I logged online and checked the police and sheriff's calls to see if others were reporting it. I did not see where anyone was, so I waited for a little bit and checked again and saw no report of anything about it.

I began to think that if I was the only one that reported it, people would think I was crazy. If I had seen where someone else had, I was going to.

I never saw or heard anything reported about that night. However, I was told about a month later, that someone had stated they had seen it too.

Source: LITS


  1. I lived in W. Falls for four years when I was in high school, and I saw this same exact craft in 1992.

  2. **I just posted here, but I'd prefer to post anonymously. I'm happy to answer any questions, though. Thanks!


    put this link in the computer and see my ufo i saw!


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