Monday, October 26, 2009

Editor's Note: Numerous witnesses have heard and not seen, strange humming, throbbing, rumbling, or even "whooshing" sounds. Could these sounds be connected to Unidentified Flying Objects? Here is the latest report to MUFON, on such a case.
(This report is "as is", with no corrections.)

Picture is a depiction by SW for LITS.

Date/Time: October 25, 2009 at 03:20 a.m.
Location: Houston, Texas

Reporting this for others who may have heard this as well: First, i live in Tomball, which is a NW burb. of Houston. I was watching a Film i TIVO'ed ,this was in the early am range,3:00am- we were all in Bed-being my Husband,myself and 3 Dogs.Husband was sound asleep. My younger Dog decided to go outside- i heard her lift the Dog Door and go out; but seconds later i heard her Bark and run back inside. Our Bedroom and Dining area -where the back porch door/dog door is- are side by side.So 20ft. away -no problem with hearing her at all. She came and got back into bed but kept looking at the window - i figured she was seeing the reflection of the TV in the glass-which often gets her attention. The one Blind closest to me was closed- the other Blind was turned open.This is a huge double window facing our back yard. She finally put her head down and slept.The other two Dogs slept on,they never stirred. About 15 minutes later - i heard a rumbling,deep sound in the distance.It caught my attention enough that i paused the Movie to better listen.It was coming from what seemed to be the North/North West -and getting closer and louder. The sound was much like the rumble of air conditioning when it kicks on.Our unit was not on. It was a very cool and comfortable night - I listened and noticed it getting closer and closer -and thinking that is no Plane or Helicopter -so what the hell is it ?? I was surrounded by the Dogs and couldnt easily get out of bed and the sound was starting to scare me! So i just laid there and listened to it go over.It was all sound; there was no vibration of the House. It sounded like it was flying low. Our backyard faces South -the Airports are to the immediate East and South/East of where we live.I watched through the Blind that was open,which would give me a view of it heading anywhere east- to see if i could see it pass -try to see the identifying lights- but it must have stayed on a direct course South -or South/West -because i never saw it head the other direction. I just listened to it go away. E-mail is: LOOKINGTOTHESTARS@HOTMAIL.COM for anyone who may have heard or maybe even saw something that time range and area.


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