Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alien Changling Seen

MUFON Report- no editing, as is.

(picture is a depiction)

August 16, 1945

out camping about 12 miles south of ehrenbarg, az. about 2 and 1/2 east of the river. there was a flash so bright. about 20 yrs. out, there it was just siting off the ground about five feet. about 10 minets passed, then an even brighter light came from it. out of the light a man like shape walked out ,turned and the ship left, as i watched the man like shape walked away in to the desert and north toward the town, so i followed, the next thing it became a child and was taken to many places all over the U.S. i followed them to for all, these years not ageing as we do but much slower, i sence as he/she as you'd learn it can change as it needes. but it's not at all as any one would think, But the one thing our Goverment has learned there is nothing in our world that can, or has killed it, and they like me has been moving about as it does. now it's back in this area. why i hope to learn before i get any older.

Not sure why i followed like i was drorn to do that, who the people where that placed him in their auto, or what drown them to do sonot sure but One thing is Sure the upper people in this country is some of the home he was taken to then to a family up north where they keeped it. as an adoped child. now here it is 2009 and for the most part it lookes to be 30 in age, there are timesit apears to be 14 in age. and male, or female but to tell why it does it is something someone would need to see to understand, it stays to it's self for the
most part. Even in a group of people only i and the Goverment agents here know how to pick it out...

One thing it's best left alone, and I've seen the heading off from the Goverment, and some reasons for it OOh they put it through the Army at that time i was able to follow but there where no wars Nam can to an end shortly before he left for boot camp, and not until he was out that an out brake started in 1982, I Know What I Know, I've not had much alife since that night but have been happy 90 % of the time!

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