Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is the Archer City game camera UFO case really solved?

According to Fletcher Gray, Texas Chief Investigator and State Star Team Coordinator for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), "The image is an artifact of the camera." Gray added, "The camera is picking up the flash from a window that the camera is setting in. I made that determination the day after I received the original photos." *

Read- Possible UFO captured by Archer City game camera

Well, I must say that I will buy that explanation better than fireflies, moths, or a slow moving plane that has been suggested.  I lived near Archer City and can tell you that fireflies are extremely scarce and since moths don't carry a lantern, that isn't even a contender.  As for a low and slow flying plane, what have you been ingesting?  Planes can't hover in the air like helicopters and humming birds.

However, does this suggested 'flash anomaly' show up in every nighttime shot?  If not, why?  Until that question is answered, perhaps this case is not yet solved...


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A reader writes: I couldn't help but notice that the lights were not in the same spot in each photo. That eliminates the internal reflection theory.

Response: I like your attention to details, however, the lights do seem to be in the same spot on the photos.  The photos on the original website were not exactly the same size, therefore the lights do appear to be 'different'.  I would love to get my hands on the originals.

A good investigator has to take note and examine all of the details of a case, including such seemingly innocuous evidence as light pattern and 'movement'.  Kudos that you did noticed what others might not have.

What would be interesting, would be if only those few shots taken that evening have the supposed 'reflected flash'.  The string of lights did not appear in other shots taken in dim light.
  What of previous nights, or nights since?

I might also make note that I have seen such lights in the North Texas sky, which were not seen from behind glass.  Unfortunately, no photos were taken.  I would have loved such photographic evidence and would have definitely offered it up for scrutiny, as I have other photos I've taken.



  1. I couldn't help but notice that the lights were not in the same spot in each photo. That eliminates the internal reflection theory.

  2. I initially found the internal reflection theory a potentially compelling one. Unfortunately, without some sort of methodical replication, the theory is far from convincing.

    Fletcher Gray is the same MUFON investigator who concluded the Lake Granger UFO photographed in Summer 2009 was an old T6. His evidence in that case, as I recall, was extremely weak, the apparent culmination of a flimsy investigation that looked like a tangle of lazy assumptions. Yet, despite the rickety foundation, Gray's finding was announced with an astonishing air of certainty.

    I'm guessing we'll all be hearing much more from Fletcher Gray. I'm not expecting to be impressed.

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    Interestingly (to me), on 2010AUG28 shortly after 9:00p, my wife and I observed an unambiguous eastbound UFO flying *directly* out of the W/NW sky over Archer City (less than a 100 miles away), which is at or very near a part of the sky where I've seen a great deal of UFO activity since 2008. It was elliptical and had a linear string of unblinking, intensely bright white lights. Almost directly overhead, the object turned north and we watched it for a couple of minutes as it gradually disappeared high above NE Cook & NW Grayson Counties, Red River bound.

    It was quite remarkable.


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