Friday, September 3, 2010

Witness reports a traingle-shaped UFO over Benbrook, TX- 9/3/2010

Here is an unedited report submitted to MUFON, of a triangle shaped craft.  The craft was sighted after midnight, on September 3, 2010 in Benbrook, Texas, as it floated over South Hulen (street).
This case has been assigned but has not yet been investigated.

MUFON Case # 25272
Date:    09/03/2010
Time:    01:04
Location:    Benbrook, Texas
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    I was driving down South Hulen home when I saw these lights I thought was an Air plane but, after getting a closer look.

I was driving down South Hulen headed home when I saw these lights.  I thought it was an Air plane but, after getting a closer look while it was floating across the sky It was maybe 600 to 700 feet in the air. But, what caught my attention was the positioning of the lights on the unknown craft. It had 3 solid white lights on each end and it was shaped like a triangle. In between the white lights appeared red flashing lights. It did not make any noise it just floated on by, I had never seen anything that moved like that without making any sound.I could'nt believe it. It shook me up.The craft was moving quickly and quietly through the sky.I lost visual after it went about 2 to 3 miles down the road headed east over highway 20. I lost sight of the craft after about 2 mins it had gone about 2 to 3 miles from my position.



  1. Myself, Daniel Gonzalez and my son & daughter, saw a V-shaped object flying through the night sky. It looked as if it was a stingray shaped object according to my daughter, she was so scared of it that she would not come out of the house. She was terrified. My son, saw a V-shaped object coming over the trees from our backyard. He said it looked cloud-colored, but the thing that caught his eyes was that there were really NO other clouds in the sky. He said it looked "organic" in its design. There were no lights emitted with no sounds. As if it was running "silent". What I saw was a large V-shaped object, bigger that any plane that he has ever seen, and I have lived in this area in the last 15 years, and never once have I seen anything remotely like this. My daughter was so scared she would not come out of the house. My son said he saw a V-shaped object with a solid front edge but an "organic" looking tail. Sort of like a bats wings. I really cant explain it, I saw it, My children saw it. And there is no doubt in my mind that this "object" was not of this planet.

  2. Hello,I live in the Netherlands,last summer in june or july in the evening at about 12 pm I saw three strange helikopters coming and going on the same spot in the sky,`what are they looking for?` I asked myself,suddenly a vey big triangle flying object without any kind of sound and at an incredible low hight altitude flew right over my head from east to the west.The triangle was gray and without any lights, under I saw a round black spot at each of the triangle´s points. It was very surrealistical it liked als a piece of paper flying smoothly in total silence
    manushya van pelt

  3. I seen this exact same object in the sky last night at mid night but it wasn't that close to the ground it was very fast and silent it shook me. I seen three bright lights bright as the stars and it have a red lights on the side. Then I saw a helicopter looking as if it was looking for the same thing that I saw I was in Burleson Texas roughly 12:16

  4. Hi Jimmy, could you tell which direction the object was headed and approximately how long you watched it? Thanks!


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