Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Police Officer reports UFO over Kennedale

MUFON Case #  25603
Date/Time:    2010-09-24 02:23
Location:    Kennedale, Texas
Shape:    Oval
Distance:    Over one mile
Summary:    Blue and white/red lights hovering and changing direction in sky over Kennedale/Mansfield/Arlington, Texas.

Kennedale, Texas - 09-24-10

I am a police officer and was on duty. I was parked dark and stationary along a road under construction, watching for local burglars that hit the businesses on 4-wheelers by coming in through the woods.

I was parked facing south on the west shoulder of 1000 Bowman Springs Rd. in Kennedale, Texas at 02:23. I noticed what first appeared to be a very bright flickering star to the east at about 45 degrees on the horizon. Then I thought it might be a plane.

I noticed it move slowly to the left then stop. I took my binoculars from my bag and looked at the object. It was then I could see that what appeared to be flickering were rotating white, blue, and sometimes red lights.

The object appeared saucer-like in shape and made no noise. It would hover, then move left, right, and up several times during the duration which lasted 33 minutes.

A jet came into the frame also. I could tell the jet because of the shape, the lights, and the headlight out in front. As the jet approached, the object moved away to the left. When the jet passed, the object moved back.

There was a bare tree branch in the foreground I used as a reference point, and could clearly see the object move. At times it became bigger, and one other time it moved straight away until barely visible, then came back to where it had been, but bigger.

The object seemed to have one bigger, central or top light, with the other lights going around it. I watched this object move around until a low cloud covered it completely from view. When the cloud cover cleared, the object was gone. It WAS NOT a star!

It was a full moon with the moon in the west sky. I was hoping someone else would come by so I could show them.

I tried video on my phone, but it is no good.

I would be interested to know if someone else saw this. It could have been seen by nearby Mansfield or Arlington as well, probably.

                       Courtesy Google Maps


  1. I saw it last night as well. I have seen this object with my son in the backyard at least ten times. We always use binoculars. I am a loan officer on the Arlington Mansfield border. I have shown my wife as well. You are correct it moves and dives at speeds very fast. I actually pointed at it with a laser pointer last night right about the time it left. I have never seen anything like it. Two of the times I saw it was on Sat. betwween 9-10 pm.
    Thank You

  2. when I saw it last night it was between 9-10 pm. I think every time I have seen it has been between that time. I am going to see if I cannot get video of it. Like I said I have seen it between 10-15 times as has my son. It usually lasts about 30 min.

  3. Just watched it again its about 8:45 pm and I got video on my phone. Not very goodwith the phone. Try again tommorow with camcorder. Somebody should investigate this.

  4. Been looking for it tonight as well, but work deep nights. It was seen last after 2:00 am by myself on 9/24....nothing tonight far. If you can get good video, that would be awesome.

  5. We saw this 9.29 8:20 from Arlington. I have video. We reported it to APD Officer Harris. We were in the back yard facing south toward Mansfield. I've posted the video on Facebook, will do Youtube this evening.

  6. 04/09/12 I'm glad i'm not the only one I thought I was going crazy, me and my crew were coming from Hwy 917 heading towards Mansfield tx. When my co-worker said hey look at that in the sky, I looked up and and saw object it had a very bright light in the center,by the time I pulled my camera out that thing was gone,but no one seems to believe me, one of the other guy's said it was balloon, this one had like four landing gears believe me this was no baloon very weird, and it was like 4:15 pm broad day light glad i'm not the only one seeing objects!

  7. Great!!! I'm not nuts....I saw this thing hover over downtown houston in sub 2010...I saw it as I turned north off of my street in inner city houston...I actually stopped and put my hazards on to get a better just hovered over nearly the entire skyline perfectly still and just the lights rolled around the bottom of I tried to hurry and get to the freeway to get was way something THAT BIG could be completely gone entirely THAT quickly...I scoured blogs and forums the following days and 1000s were talking about it...what and WHO the hell was it???

  8. I wish I could tell you with all certainty, exactly what and who.

  9. My son and I were traveling to the house after I picked him up from work on Friday, April 11, 2014. He first saw an object hovering in the sky just over the road and a farm. The lights were blue, red and white just like in this picture. I told him I thought it was a police helicopter but after watching it, there were many lights on the front that seemed to flash around back and forth across or around the object. We slowed down to get a better look and he was trying to catch it with video and I told him I would turn around to go back. After we passed under it and he was looking out the window he told me it is taking off - look how fast it is going. I tried to follow it so he could get a video of it and we did catch the white lights in a round formation but couldn't seem to get the other lights to show up on his phone. Wish I would have stopped to allow him to get a better video so we could post it as well. I checked an online UFO reporting site and it seems other people have seen the same object with the same lights in other cities in the US.

  10. Paula, thanks for commenting with a short report. If you still have the video, I sure would appreciate it if you'd email it to me. My email is on the Contact Us page.

  11. Years ago, I saw one similar to this in northern Alabama. I lived in the country and had just pulled in my drive late one night after work. As I was walking to the door, I saw something. It was a pitch black oval hovering over a woods, just beyond a pasture that was across the road. It was approx. 100' in the air, moving very slowly and making no sound. There was a circle of blue and red lights on the underside of it. In the center of the blue and red lights was a white spotlight shining through the branches of the trees onto the ground below. The white light was moving around, across the ground, and sometimes shone up the bark of the trees, as though it was looking for something.

    I walked to the road and leaned against a fence, pulled out a cigarette and watched. It was only a couple of hundred feet from me, and I actually thought about walking over to it to say 'hi'. But it was very late and I remembered that film ... what was it called? The one where the loggers see a u.f.o. and one of the guys walks under it and they take him. No thank you.

    Anyways, this was before cell phones so I couldn't take a picture.

    I watched it for as long as it took me to finish the cigarette, waiting for something more to happen, so about 10 minutes. But nothing else happened. It just moved around slowly, with those blue and red lights and the white spotlight looking for something.

    I was very tired so when I was done with my smoke I simply went inside and went to bed. I know, I know. To this day I wonder what might have happened if I walked under it. But, then again, maybe it was best I didn't.

    I will never forget it for as long as I live.

  12. Hi Max, you're thinking of the Travis Walton story and the video is called "Fire in the Sky."
    It's a good thing you didn't walk under the object. Thank you for your account of what happened.


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