Thursday, September 2, 2010


Founded on the need to educate the general public, the educational and scientific communities,  new investigators and researchers to the reality of the UFO phenomena, Director, Steven S. Bass, FFSc sees a unique and exciting future for the Institute of Frontier Science.


ATLANTA, GA- September 1, 2010  The Institute of Frontier Science is an elite fellowship of highly experienced and knowledgeable specialists in the scientific field of Ufology, the scientific study of the UFO Phenomena and extraterrestrial entities.  Ufology acknowledges that a majority of reported UFO sightings are explained as occurring naturally or are Man-made origin.  Ufology does also acknowledge that some of the reported sightings are extraordinary and mysterious Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and there is an intelligence in control of these craft.  Ufology studies such phenomena and the intelligences that control them, their sociology, psychology, ethos, history, politics, spirituality, ecology, and technology progresses for the benefit of all mankind.  Among the beneficiaries of such study would be technology, methods of travel, medicine, conservation sciences, sciences leading to the proper care and guardianship of our planet and it's ecosystem, and the peaceful and humble expansion of Humanity throughout the Universe.

The Institute of Frontier Science endeavors to heighten the awareness of the scientific community and the general public not only of the credibility of Ufology as a legitimate science, but to focus awareness on the quality of investigators, historians, and researchers who have dedicated a substantial portion of their lives and their energies and using their individual talents and knowledge to following this phenomena's trail of secrets.
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Note: The Institute of Frontier Sciences looks very promising.  I wish them much success. 
They just might have need of an editor.  Perhaps I should apply for the job.  ;-)  -SW


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