Friday, September 24, 2010

Cigar-shaped UFO over Garland, Texas

Witness in Garland, Texas submits report to MUFON, of a cylinder/cigar-shaped UFO seen over storm clouds.
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MUFON Case # 25534
Date/Time:    2010-09-23 08:06
City:    Garland
State:    Texas
Shape:    Cigar, Cylinder
Duration:    00:05:00
Distance:    Unknown
Location:    City
Visibility:    Partly Cloudy
Weather:    Windy, Medium
Entity Type:    None
Summary:    Long, gray, cigar/cylindrical shape. No wings,tail,or rudder.

This is my second time to report a sighting to MUFON.I observed this one from the exact same location as the first.

Since the first sighting, I tend to keep my eyes to the sky a bit more. Today, it paid off again. I was at work a little early, before 8:00AM CST, and this morning looked to be stormy with the chance of some rain. The clouds were broken, and moving North, with about 60 to 70% broken overcast, and wind from the South about 20 MPH. The clouds were very dark West of my location.

Approximately 8:05 I stepped outside to take a look at the weather, and noticed that commercial flights from DFW and Love Field were being diverted to the North/Northeast around the heavy cloud bank to the West.

I saw a Southwest airlines plane going North East and saw an American Airlines going South toward Love Field or DFW. Both planes were around 2500 to 3000 feet AGL.  Both aircraft generated broken contrails due to the fairly cool air and high humidity.

Through a break in the clouds I observed a gray "cigar/cylindrical" shaped vehicle. It's path was to the North West. It had no wings,or tail surfaces, and appeared to be about 2 to 3 times longer than the Southwest airlines plane. I believe the Southwest plane was a Boeing 737-400.

Both of the commercial airliners were moving through the broken cloud layer and the other vehicle was well above the cloud deck, and I estimate it was at 5000 feet AGL. It didn't create any contrail at all.

From my vantage point, the Southwest airplane looked to be about 3/4" long and it's bright orange paint was highly visible. The vehicle I saw looked very similar to the shape of a stretched medicine capsule. Long and thin, and my angle of view was from from its left rear and below. It had no lighting of any kind. No landing lights, marker lights, or anti collision strobe.

I actually had a digital camera on hand, but as luck would have it, the batteries were dead. I had spare batteries, but I didn't manage to change them quickly enough to get any photos before this machine was obscured by clouds. Everything occurred in a matter of 3 to 4 minutes.

I was ecstatic to see something like this again, but when I realized my camera batteries were dead, it was a very quick emotional letdown to say the least.  Maybe the third time will be the charm for me.



  1. Thats what i saw today around 4:20 on road 969 in austin on the way home. It was going fast then slowed down then shrank and was gone...

  2. Why be negative he just reported what was seen.......

  3. Phillip, not to worry, Henry apparently doesn't understand the word :depiction."


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