Saturday, September 18, 2010

Update: Witness says second day of Tri-UFO sighting near Stockdale

Is this a case of mistaken identity?  Read the report and my suspicions:
MUFON Case #  25478
Date/Time:    2010-09-16 21:03 GMT
Location:    Stockdale, Texas
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    Over one mile
Summary:    Second day seeing triangle UFO near Stockdale, Texas.

Day two of spotting a UFO near Stockdale, Texas – We (myself , my son and his younger step-brother and step-sister) parked our SUV approximately 2.5 miles (Texas 87/97 and County Road 538) Southwest of where we spotted the three lighted triangle UFO the night before. We set up four cameras (one VHS-C and three digitals) around the SUV. At exactly 9:03PM we spotted what we believe to be the same triangle UFO as the night before. It was moving at the exact airspeed and flight path angel (from the Northwest to Southeast) as the night before. However this time, the altitude was up to about 8,000 feet and it tracked about a 40 degree angle up from the horizon west from our location and the flight path was about 15 miles west from the night before.

My experience as a retired Army helicopter mechanic and weapons tech makes me feel that this is a drone. When my son said the UFO was zigzagging coming down from the sky the night before reminded me how the old line-of-sight, wire guided TOW missiles would zigzag along its sighted path to its target. This UFO looks and ‘feels’ like it is on a pre-calculated flight path using the earth magnetic fields as way-points and not land terrain or land marks as flight references. It also reminds me of how ‘we’ would send spaceship or probes to other planets to map the terrain. In other word, it is either mapping the terrain or it is looking for any wreckage from the reported falling airliner, see MUFON report Wingless, burning object falls from cloud near La Vernia, Texas.

Now here is the kicker, as soon as we spotted the UFO, two of the digital cameras locked up (froze). I never see the cameras do this before. The VHC-S camera could not get a focus on it but we have audio. The JVC 1080 camera was the only one that worked but the quality it terrible (see added film). I cannot say what caused the three cameras to go bad but this morning they are working just fine now.

I cannot make it back out there tonight for I have to work this weekend. It would be nice if someone could continue the watch tonight. Looking over the maps I predict if should track just southwest of Floresville, Texas anywhere between 8:30 and 9:30PM. Maybe setup at 97 and CR 102 but this is just a guess, it could pop about anywhere or nowhere.


Original Report
1st Update

Note:  My first instinct is that this is/was the International Space Station that flew over that area, at approximately 9:30 p.m..  I know, as I watched the ISS from my home, some 200+ miles Northwest of Stockdale.  The ISS took a NW to SE path.

To see when the ISS is visible in Texas:



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  1. Hey Sky Watcher,

    I have to say what we saw and filmed is not the ISS. You stated that the ISS flew over you area, at approximately 9:30 PM. What we filmed was timed at 9:03PM. Also our object is flying too low and is too small to be the ISS. There was a jet liner flying about 39,000 feet (from west to east) about 10 miles south of our location and it left a vapor trail that the triangle passed under. Sorry I forgot to mention that in our original report. I will update MUFON with that and a copy of VHS-C video hopefully by Tuesday night.


    SFC Luis J. Soria, USA, RET.


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