Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update: Triangle-shaped UFO near Bend Oregon

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The witness from Bend, Oregon, who when returning from a football game saw a triangular UFO, has submitted drawings of the object.

MUFON Case # 25498
Date/Time:    2010-09-10 00:00 GMT
Location:    Bend, Oregon
Shape:    Triangle
Summary:    Supplement to previous report.

Original drawings:
Drawing 1
Drawing 2
Drawing 3

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Original Case:

MUFON Case # 25398

Date/Time:    2010-09-10 22:00 GMT
City:    Bend
State:    Oregon
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    Bright triangular shaped object sighted on far east side of Bend, Oregon.

Three of us were returning from a high school football game in a SUV traveling north on 17th street on the east side of Bend, Oregon. It was 10 pm when we noticed lights to the north, off in the distance, perhaps several miles away. It was a clear night and no moon light.

As we discussed the incident later, all of us at first just assumed it was an aircraft at first. However the object then went from what seemed like a stationary point several miles off and at a high rate of speed, perhaps 1500 mph, as though it was shot from a gun, it came directly towards us and stopped a short ways off, maybe 1000 feet away. It stopped instantly; there did not appear to be any acceleration or deceleration -it just went full speed and stopped on a dime.

Then the object in a similar manner shot off in easterly direction and stopped again then it came back again and hovered perhaps 500 feet away and not more than 500 in elevation. Then the object moved very slowly getting closer to us. We could see very clearly the object was triangular in shape perhaps the same mass as a medium sized motor home, not really very large. Underneath the object were perhaps 15 symmetrically placed bright white lights that formed the shape of a triangle with lights inside the triangular shape as well. I would estimate the diameter of the lights at 5" and they were definitely round in shape, the bottom side protruded down sort of like spot light in shape. All the lights were on and extremely bright, not flashing or pulsing or fading.

The object was approximately 1/3 longer than the width of what appeared to be the rear of the object. On the sides were red lights that appeared to at times be on wings or perhaps the upper sides of the craft. One of the witnesses with me said he saw blue lights, which I did not see. When the craft was slowly hovering a short distance away it seemed that part of the craft, the part illuminated with the red lights, rotated or shifted some how in a very bizarre manner, as though they meshed, passed through each other and traded sides on the craft which gave the impression it was flip flopping around, although the triangular shaped lights on the bottom remained constant and did not change or fluctuate in their positions.

These events all unfolded in about 90 seconds, then again the craft shot off, like shot from a gun. It went from a hovering position to full speed instantaneously which was at a very high rate of speed in a westerly direct and in just an instant out of sight. All of these maneuvers did not generate any noise, the craft was absolutely quiet and did not stir up any dust on the ground. We did not see it again, it was gone.

All of us were shocked and nervously laughed about what we just seen. Not one of had ever seen anything like it before. We started to try to explain what we saw. We eliminated helicopters because it would have been noisy and would stirred up a bunch of dust. A helicopter could never perform those types of maneuvers, we eliminated airplanes for similar reasons. The only conclusion we could draw was that the object was a UFO.

Perhaps this was a once in a life time event for the three of us, but we all agree, we hope to see it again. It was very interesting and fascinating. In retrospect not one of us was fearful or frightened, only curious. I spent a good portion of the next evening looking into the night sky hoping to see it again. We all agreed we would never look up to the night sky in the same way after seeing our first UFO.

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