Monday, September 27, 2010

UFOs- Where are they from?


John writes:
UFOs closer to home- I think they are mostly from planet earth as they seem to be here nearly all the time. They also take great interest in our bases. They are not a threat to us and are more advanced. They are possibly in contact with other races outside our planet. We only see them when they want us to see them. To let us know their there. Thanks john

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I received the above email and decided I really must ask you, the reader: Where do you think UFOs are from and are ETs "home grown", or from another place, time, dimension/universe, or simply don't exist?

I have added a new poll which you will find on the side bar.  Please cast your vote, or if you'd prefer, email me and share your ideas.  The most interesting and thought provoking submissions will be posted here on Lights In The Texas Sky.

Thanks and keep an eye on the sky!


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