Sunday, September 5, 2010

Couple experiences busy weekend of UFO sightings over North Central Texas

    Cropped photo of orange light WSW of Breckenridge.

Labor Day weekend has been one sighting after another, for this investigator and spouse.  It seems that all you have to do is 'look up' and pay attention.

It started Friday (09/03/2010), at exactly 16:18 hrs.  As we were driving down I-20, headed west from Fort Worth towards Weatherford, Texas I noticed a tiny, perfectly square-shaped white cloud in the sky. It was the only cloud in the entire western area of sky.  If held at arms length, a pencil eraser would just cover the whole cloud, it was that small.  After noticing the cloud, my spouse mentioned it saying, "Look at that tiny square cloud.  It must be a UFO."

We continued to watch the cloud and it began to morph into an oval shape. It held that shape some 5 minutes and then morphed again into what looked like a kidney bean, hanging perpendicular to the ground.  For the next 10 minutes that we could still see the cloud, it held that same shape, never dissipating, or growing.  Once we passed below it, it was no longer in our line of sight.  We continued on home.  I did take 2 photos but you can barely see anything through the bug guts on the windshield.

Later that night, at 21:00 hrs., I was outside with a friend when I noticed a light off in the southeastern sky.  I would estimate this light to be at 110-115 degrees ESE, 10 degrees AGL.
As I watch the white light it appeared to twinkle, much like a star, therefore I assumed that is what it was.  A few minutes later I turned my attention to my friend with whom I was conversing, then moments later when I looked back at the "star", it was gone.  There were no clouds.

At 10:45 I was texted by a friend, that 5-6 double-bladed helicopters were seen in Comanche, Texas, flying approx. 300 feet AGL, with no lights on (except for 1 chopper), headed north towards my location. My spouse and I immediately stepped outside, to watched for these 'unlit' helicopters.  At one point I thought I heard helicopters in the distance (ESE) but could see nothing, then very quickly the sound of choppers was drownd out by the traffic noise of Hwy 180 (North of my location).

I didn't see or hear anything else that evening but I wonder if the object I saw had anything to do with those military craft in stealth mode.

The temperature at 22:00 hrs, was 68 degrees, dew point- 48 degrees, humidity- 47% ,Barometric pressure- 30.18", winds- 0 mph, clear sky, visibility-  10 miles, ceiling- unlimited.   Perfect for an evening watching the stars and 'other things'.

Then on Saturday, 09/04/2010 at 21:25 hrs, I stepped out my back door and my attention was drawn to a bright orange light in the WSW sky.  The object was just a few degrees above the horizon, which would put it right at the tops of the distant trees (900 ft. away).

At first I assumed it was Venus but the object began to rise in elevation, approximately 2 to 3 degrees.  The object stopped it's ascent and I reach in the door and grabbed my camera, taking two shots.  I then got my binoculars and looked at the light.

The object was a bright white orange light and for all appearances I would have dismissed the object as Venus.  However, Venus does not ascend from the West, nor does it move 2 degrees or more in 3 seconds. I also know what Venus looks like, with the naked eye and through both binoculars and telescope.  This did not look like Venus. I called to my spouse who also looked at the light, saying "it's Venus."  After saying that, within seconds the light turned red and disappeared completely.

I went back inside, pulled up an astronomy website, checked and saw that Venus had set an hour earlier.  I wrote a short report, attached the original photo and sent it off to MUFON's Director of Research.  He did not know what the object is either and confirmed that it wasn't Venus. 

I must add that my digital still camera will not focus on anything at night, unless the subject is unusually large and bright. It had no problem focusing on this light.

Oh yeah, I'm taken Sunday night off.  Keep watch for me, will ya?

Have a great and safe Labor Day Weekend, one and all. -SW


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