Sunday, August 30, 2009

UFOs over Mars?- Spirit's Mission To Gusev Crater

What appears to be a UFO (or possibly two), can be seen in photos sent back by the Mars rover, "Spirit". It could be a speck of dust, or it could be a craft of some type. If it is a craft, could it be one of ours... or is it an alien vessel?

A tiny speck can be seen in a number of frames sent back from Mars. I downloaded and examined a number of these photos. The speck shows up in slightly different locations in the center portion of the Martian sky (not necessarily in the same spot on the frame), leading me to believe that it could be a craft that might be keeping a wary eye on our little rover.

Of the many photos sent back in this group, one in particular caught my eye. It seems to be a perfectly good photo, yet a large framed area of the sky is blacked out. Below and on the ground near the base of the hill there appears what might be a shadow Could this be a simple glitch, or is NASA covering something up?

Something else I noticed in the same blacked-out photo, is that there is an odd object lying on the ground, to the left. It could be just a rock but the rock appears to have "eye holes", that are perfectly aligned. It looks eerily like a robot head, or ancient Roman helmet. It's oddities like this, that fuel the cover-up conspiracy fires. Here's more tender.

It is my hope that one day soon, we will know the truth behind these and so many other questions, such as "is there life on Mars" and "are aliens visiting us?"

More of this particular group of photos can be seen here: Sol 006

Or go here for Spirit's photo gallery.

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  1. nice catch!!!

    also take a look at the still-frame movies on the Phoenix Lander site!!! There are VERY bright/reflective anomalous objects moving through the martian skies and along the ground.

    sure, the ground objects COULD be debris. but the things in the air???


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