Monday, August 10, 2009

Additional Sightings Reports for July, 2009

Here are 22 additional Sightings Reports for the month of July, 2009.

For complete reports, go to NUFORC

7/1/2009 14:00
Irving, TX
Oval shaped aircraft shimmered in the sky
and disappears.

7/2/2009 (No event time listed)
Galveston, TX
Cylinder craft flying over Galveston with
no wings being chased by military jet.

7/3/2009 (day & evening)
Katy, TX
Bright Moving "STAR" in Sky

7/4/2009 21:15
Alvarado, TX
In the western sky we saw the first object
move from the S.W. to N.W. very quickly.
It appeared not to be too high in the sky.

7/4/2009 22:00
Killeen, TX
Slow blinking white light on July 4th.

7/4/2009 23:35
Houston, TX
A matte black aircraft with a large red light
on the back hovers for 5 minutes then flys
away at insane speed into space.

7/5/2009 07:00
Cedar Park, TX
Black noiseless craft changing from round to
having two angles with aura traveling at
steady speed from west to east.

7/5/2009 17:40
Hallsville, TX
Pipe or tube shaped UFO as a storm moved
in from the west.

Keene, TX
Round orange light traveling north at a slow
rate of speed.

7/7/2009 05:30
Alvin, TX
Possible animal mutilation. (unknown)

7/10/2009 10:35
Humble, TX
Pulsating orange and yellow light

7/14/2009 13:00
Amarillo, TX
Brightly lit Object over Amarillo

7/16/2009 11:00
Oakwood, TX
Bright red object drifts slowly an then
fades out

7/16/2009 16:00
Bryan, TX
Loud, high-pitched sound overhead, looked
up and saw a clear but well-defined
movement of air

7/18/2009 04:50
Houston, TX
Lights in the sky

7/18/2009 23:00
Longview, TX
Bright object suddenly gone

7/22/2009 23:06
Buda, TX
3 white lights, close together

7/24/2009 20:00
Lindsay, TX
Strange lights in the NW sky observed
and two flashes like a camera flash

7/24/2009 22:00
San Marcos, TX
3 lighted silent craft flys slowly over

7/25/2009 16:30
Pampa, TX
circling hawks precede spaceship sightings

7/29/2009 22:35
Euless, TX
space based bright light that moves, then
fades away

7/30/2009 18:02
Burkett, TX
2 Stationary Disk Shapes

Source: NUFORC

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