Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is The Lake Havasu, AZ UFO a Hoax?

LAKE HAVASU, AZ – Here we have a videotaped UFO (July 3, 2009), over Lake Havasu, located on the border between California and Arizona. It is a large reservoir behind Parker Dam, on the Colorado River. Lake Havasu City rests on the lake’s eastern shore.

The author of this video claims it to be real but I have examined the video, captured stills and I believe it to be a hoax. View it and judge for yourself, then read my findings, located below the video.

I examined this video closely. I had seen it when it first showed up on Youtube. My conclusion is that it is a hoax.
Please note that the "power line" is in focus at the same time the supposed "flying disc" is. Assuming that the power lines are not at 3,000 ft., same distance as the supposed UFO, then it stands to reason that the UFO is not as far as we are lead to believe.
It also appears that the "UFO" never leaves that particular area near the power lines. Movements of said "UFO" could be and most probably is, due to the wind blowing it around as it is tethered to the power line, most likely by clear fishing line.

Unless the author of this video can show proof of how this object finally moved off and disappeared, I stand by my conclusion.


  1. I live in Lake Havasu City. I was driving southbound on I95 when I first saw this. I nearly wrecked my vehicle. I followed it to it's point of origin and saw that it was attached by string. It is common for companies to advertise in the sky during big weekends since our city is a big vacation destination and I believe this happened during one of them. I'm sorry to burst any bubbles being a believer myself but this is not a ufo by definition. It's not a hoax either. Just a bad attempt at getting people's attention. I've not seen it since. -BB

  2. Thanks, Byron. I had a suspicion when I first posted this report.


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