Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dark Disk Over Sugar Land

On May 15, 2009, while walking his dog near a church in Sugar Land, Texas, a witness saw something he couldn't identify. The object was reportedly within 500 feet of him. This is his report to MUFON:

"This particular evening I was standing in a church parking lot next to an open field while walking my dog. I was facing West in the direction of the Little League fields, the view of which is obstructed by homes and a church. The bright ballpark lights illuminated the underbelly of the craft enough so that I could make out it's shape. It seemed to have a stealth-like surface in that it was not shiney. It had a curvature of that of an upside-down frisby, so that the edges were not hard angled, but curved up slightly. There was nothing shiney, nor were there any lights from it. There was no sound heard from it. Had the park lights not been lit, I would not have seen it at all. Other times I've been there at night walking my dog, and I have noticed stars "disappearing and reappearing", which I had concluded that perhaps it was caused by a flock of I am not so sure about that reasoning. It could be the disks flying overhead. A power plant would be in the direction of it's path only about two to three miles away. end of message."

Have you seen anything in our skies that you couldn't identify? Have you seen what you thought was an alien being, or have you experienced 'missing time'? Please, it is important that you report it to MUFON.

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