Monday, August 10, 2009

Commentary- UFO Thrill Seeking

by S. Williams

According to a recent report to MUFON, two teenagers near Fallon Naval Air Station in Nevada, took a joy ride into the desert that turned into a possible abduction, evidently brought about by the teenagers themselves.
The teenagers (boy & girl) saw unusual lights, gave chase and then using a million-candle-power spotlight, signaled one of the 'unknown craft'. At this time, the 'unidentified flying object' descended to 20 feet above the teens and that is when the missing time occurred. Later, the boy and his father went back and found the military was swarming the area, as if searching for something.

The girl wrote of her encounter, "I was scared... and excited." That sounds like fun, doesn't it? Perhaps like a trip through a carnival fun house? I don't know of any fun houses that offer anal probes and tiny embedded tracking devices meant for future late-night excursion into a living hell. Abductions aren't fun and I am fairly sure that wasn't exactly what the teens expected as an outcome, however, that is most likely what occurred.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of people who live their lives in fear of being abducted... again. Ask any one of them if they would willingly flag down an extraterrestrial craft, in hopes of a confrontation. I doubt you'll get many yeses.

Children, especially teen aged ones, seldom give much thought to the consequence of their actions. I know, as I was once a teenager and I raised two of my own to adulthood. That isn't to say that all adults are much wiser. Many adults still seek the thrill of danger, the excitement of facing the unknown, the chance to look death in the face and live to tell about it. That's why there are so many participating in extreme sports, such as parachuting from aircraft, skiing down treacherous mountains, scuba diving with sharks and yes, even me as a motorcycle rider. Now we have people signaling to unknown aerial object and lights in the sky. What do these people think will happen?

I am reminded of what happens after someone says, "Here, hold my beer and watch this!"

Darwin would be so proud.

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