Saturday, August 22, 2009

Do Movies and TV Shows Create UFO Awareness?

By S. Williams

There has been a reported surge in UFO sightings after certain movies and television shows, such as The X-Files. Are people being influenced and their imaginations run wild, or are they becoming more "aware"? I think it could be a bit of both.

We've had an upsurge in sights already this year, so I'm wondering if the new movie District 9 will have any effect.

If you've never heard of UFOs, how do you know to look for them? Supposedly "new" species have been discovered, all because locals spoke of them. Others are found while looking for something else. I pays to keep looking.

Thousands of species are being discovered on planet Earth. I wouldn't call them 'new', as they've been around a long time and scientists didn't know it. Well, we all know that it isn't real if scientists don't know about it, right?

If we don't know of all the life on our own planet, is it any wonder that we have no knowledge of life on other worlds? Move your hand away from your eyes, so that you can see.

My advice, is to watch those movies. Grab the remote, pop some kernels and settle down to a quiet evening of The X-Files, or if it returns, new episodes of UFO Hunters. Maybe that will psych you up and move you to unfold the lawn chair, find those binoculars that are still packed from your last camping trip, dig out your digital camera from the bottom of the closet and start searching the sky.

Don't forget mosquito spray and fresh batteries and be sure to take a buddy along, as a second witness.
Happy hunting!

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