Monday, August 17, 2009

Like Today, 1947 Was An Active Year For UFOs

If someone wants to dig through tons of archived reports, they'll find that 1947 wasn't just the year of the Roswell crash, which probably occurred some time during the first week in July, 1947.

In a July 8, 1947 article, the Abilene Reporter News (Abilene, Texas) reported that the fragments of two purported "flying disks" were found, one disk found on a beach a Trinity Bay, near Houston and one found near Hillsboro.

Also reported in the same Abilene Reporter News article, were three independent reports of "flying saucers". The article goes on to say:

Mysterious flying objects were seen in the skies over Abilene, Winters and Snyder Monday. Mrs. Cap Newman and her grandson, James Williams, XXXX Grape, said they sighted a "flying disk" at 7:10 p.m., speeding east-ward at an altitude estimated at 2,000 feet. "My grandson was on the front walk when he sighted the "disk", Mrs. Newman said. "He called my attention and I saw it a few seconds before it went out of sight." Mrs. Newman said it was oblong "like a meat platter." The sun was just going down and instead of the object being silvery in color, as reported in many instances, it had a dark appearance.
* * * *
At Winters, H. L. Crowe, local pilot and manager of the Winters airport, said he saw a silver object resembling an oblong ball suspended motionless in the sky over his home at 12:45 p.m. It appeared several thousand feet high, and it's diameter seemed as wideas the wingspan of a good-sized plane. What Crowe saw was substantiated by his cousin, Eugene Wright of Fredrick, Okla. Crowe called Wright outside and without suggesting what he has seen, asked him if he saw anything unusual in the sky. Crowe said that after hanging motionless for two or three minutes, the object moved slowly northeast and vanished. He said it moved into the wind. He was certain it was not a plane, bird or cloud.
* * * *
J.E. Hardee, who lives three miles southwest of Snyder on Ira road, observed nine saucers going in a southwest direction at a fast speed. He said one disintegrated south of his home, breaking into five or six pieces and melting.

Were these sighting connected with Roswell? The dates are so close, that it really makes me wonder.

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