Thursday, August 6, 2009

How Not To Become An Abductee

Aliens aren't cute. They're not cartoon Characters, nor are they like "Thor" on Stargate SG-1, coming to save humanity from some powerful and evil force. They may look similar, but that's where it ends. Anyone, alien or not, who abducts people for whatever reason, causing the abductee's life to be forever changed (usually for the worse), is not benevolent.

I had someone from the field of UFO research tell me that they (the aliens) are good and here to help us. Evidently that person has never been taken against their will. If they have been taken, abducted, then that person bought into the web of lies and deceit the aliens cast.
It is anyone's guess, as to what the alien agenda truly is but I can assure you, that when it involves deceit, pain and suffering, it's not for mankind's benefit.

How do you keep from being abducted? Here's a few suggestions, just to be on the safe side.

1.) Don't drive alone at night in the country. Country roads are much less populated, have a lot less traffic. Being out there on an open, lonely road makes you vulnerable.

2.) Some times our jobs have us out at all hours of the night. If it is necessary to be out late at night, try to stick to well lit, well traveled streets and byways.

3.) If you live "out in the sticks", don't stay alone! There is more safety in numbers. Have outdoor lights, alarms and motion detectors.

4.) Have a watch dog. Heck, have two. If one can't warn you of danger, maybe the other one can! Locks on doors aren't a sure thing when it comes to alien intruders but it beats nothing. Lock doors and windows securely. If nothing else, burglars will have a harder time of breaking in.

5.) Be aware of your surroundings. Don't go to isolated places by yourself. If you are in such a situation and you feel something is not right, for heaven's sake, drive or run like hell to the most brightly lit, most populated place you can find. Grocery stores, convenience stations and police stations are the best. So what if the cops think you are a bit on the nutty side? Better to be thought a fool, than to actually be one!
Even a neighbor's house is fine. Make sure they turn on all their lights, indoors and out. Thieves and rapists abhor lighted areas... as do aliens. Tell you're neighbor that you think you have a burglar. They might chase "you" off if you say "aliens" are after you.

6.) Here is a real important tip. Don't ask to be abducted! Don't even think it. If you have been abducted before, say "no more!" Proclaim each day as your own, that they have no right to take you. Aliens want you to cooperate, yet fighting them usually doesn't work and can make things worse. The alien wants you afraid. Fear makes a person easier to control. Don't be afraid. Easy for me to say? Well, yes and no. I have an inside source.

7.) If you notice something strange in the sky or on the ground and you are alone, look for other people to view it with you, preferably in a well lit area. If you are in your car, don't stop to take pictures or watch the object, especially if you are alone, or the only car on the road.

8.) Last but not least, live your life but be wise. You wouldn't intentionally put your children in harm's way, so practice that on yourself.

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