Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Three Possible UFO Sightings In One Day

Are people that have seen unidentified flying objects in the past, more likely to see UFOs now? It's highly possible and I for one, believe so. I've seen many strange things in our skies and today has been, what I would call a full day of sightings. Here's how it all began:

Click on Image to see actual size (as I saw it).
Aug. 19, 2009 - 00:35
Location: East of Breckenridge, TX
I opened my front door (facing North) and saw what appeared to be a commercial jet, heading West to East. However, it looked to be at least 5 times the size of a regular jet, if it were at the same cruising altitude. Another thing that was odd, was that there seemed to be lights all the way across, from wingtip to wingtip. No lights fore or aft. The object continued on to the East and I stepped back inside to grab my camera, which took all of 5 seconds. When I looked again, the object was gone.

Aug. 19, 2009 - 01:29
Location: East of Breckenridge, TX
I had just fed our big dog and was standing on the deck, looking at the sky. I was looking through binoculars at a cluster of stars at approx. 80 degrees above the horizon, Southwest. Suddenly something large, red and reflective passed through my field of view. It was traveling exceptionally fast and it startled me. I stepped off the deck and into the yard, where another object, then another buzzed overhead. They were not birds or bats. Such creatures do not usually 'glow'. I was about to go back inside, when I looked up and to the East. There was a brightly lit object moving due West to East at 80 degrees. By the time it got to 40 degrees East AGL, it vanished. The object was like two orbs connected by a rod, much like a barbell. The light was pure white, with what appeared to be a short flame at the end of the rear orb. There was no meteor-like tail. It did not disappear like a meteor does when it burns up. It was more like disappearing into a dark tunnel. There was no sound.
It seemed to me, to be very large and within close proximity to me. Perhaps less than 1,000 ft. Object in depiction is actual size that I saw. Viewed for 2 seconds. I can say that if my spouse had seen this with me, I'd be shoveling a bottom jaw up off the ground.

Aug. 19, 2009 13:00
Location: Archer City, TX
My spouse and I were on our way to Wichita Falls. We stopped in at the Dairy Queen off of Hwy 79 in Archer City. I was sitting at a booth by a North facing window, sipping on a malt and watching what I assumed was a small white plane. The plane (?) was moving from my NE to ENE at approx. 5,000 ft AGL. It appeared to bank it's wings to the right, because there was a brilliant flash of light, which I assumed was a refection from the sun. It flew approx. 2 degrees further and vanished. I looked all around that area of the sky and never saw it again. I told my spouse "after the fact", after having seen the perplexed look on my face. At the time of sighting, I was trying to process what I was seeing, so I didn't say anything.
I assumed it was a plane, because the object appeared to be a small plane. I should have been able to view the object for quite some distance, as the sky was clear, with just a few small, puffy clouds. The object was not near any of these clouds. I was inside the Dairy Queen and could not hear any outside noises, except for traffic on Hwy 79. This sighting lasted at most, 10 seconds.
I had my camera but did not suspect anything unusual, until the object vanished.

The day isn't over and I'm now rather leary of going outside.

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