Saturday, May 18, 2013

The "HUM" Heard in McAllen, Texas

I received another email today, this one from a student in McAllen, Texas, who has been affected by the Hum.  What is this sound that is bothering people in so many locations? 

If you have heard "the Hum", please report it. Thanks! - Sunny


"Hi I read your article on the "Hum" and just wanted to say that I live in Mcallen, TX and I can hear it here too. I've lived in two separate locations within the last year here in the same town and I have heard it at both. I'm a student so I study late at night usually from midnight to sometimes 5am. I notice the sound also usually around really hurts my ears and gives me a bad headache. I've woken up my boyfriend to listen for it but he never hears it. I figured maybe I was just able to pick up a different frequency....but it's strange that it only happens within that time frame. I had to start listening to music to drown out the sound because it was really unbearable for me.

I'm just glad I'm not the only person out there that hears it."


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