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Sky Sounds Over Ontario, Canada

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I received an email today, from a woman in Ontario, Canada.

On January 8, 2013, at about 1:30 a.m., she heard a sound from the sky.  Here is her unedited report:

Hello I'm writing you because I too heard this VERY loud humming noise wed jan 8th 2013 at about 1:30 am I was sleeping and this noise woke me up, the only thing is that when I heard it I wanted to move but I just couldn't it felt like I was paralyzed for a few seconds, when I actually sat up in bed the noise still lasted another aprox 10 seconds , this was a humming, rumbling , trumpet , screeching sound noise. It was something I've never heard my whole life,it sounds like it was coming from the sky. I looked out the window and all I saw was what looked like a star. I called my cousin who lives 5 min way and she said she isn't hear anything. I then googled it and Found many videos on ex actually the  noises I heard, the only difference is that it was much much louder. I was so scared to fall asleep, I just didn't wanna hear that noise again. By the time I fell asleep it was around 4 am.

I had to be up at 7 am tat miring for work. When I got up I still could not believe hat I heard, a one point I thought maybe something was wrong with me. When I finally got into work I wasn't sure if I  should ask other people if they had heard any noises at  round 1:30 am that morning, I not want people thinking I was crazy if they didn't. But I had to ask, I wanted to know if I was going crazy or if it was real, so I asked, and yes there was 4 others that heard he same noise. I played one videos I found, and he confirmed yes, that was to The same sound. Now he question is... If all these videos are captured all over the world with this same strange loud noise coming I assume from the sky over the past few yrs, then why is there no word on it, in the media.?.. Do you have any word on these events, or have you heard more of see noises. I'm so scared I'm gonna hear them again.
Thank you


I found this video from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  It was recorded on January 9. 2013, at 2:15 PM.

Video Link

Strange Jet sound in the Sky?

By racebyu

Strange Jet sound in the sky Wed Jan 9, 2013 @ 2:15pm Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
We heard it at the front of the building for a few minutes, then got louder but no planes seen in the sky? Went out front then to the back to see where it was coming from but could not get a exact location in the sky, total time of event was approx y 5 min. Walked down the back to see if I could locate in the sky where it was coming from but no luck. Volume warning on the wind noise when I start walking along the back of the buildings.

- No planes in site.
- No heavy equipment around.
- Not the wind (heard when walking only)
- Lasted 5 min or more so no military jets sound would not last that long.
- Temp was 4C out today so sound travel due to very cold weather not related.
- Camera was pointed in the direction of which I thought the sound was coming from.

What was it? Who knows but there was 3 of us that went outside to see if it was a military jet or some other huge airplane which it did not seem to be...........

Note: The audio level is much lower when uploaded to You Tube, it was much louder then represented here in the video.

Video source


Sign of the times? Sounds heard around the world

More Strange Sounds Recorded


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