Thursday, January 17, 2013

Couple Observe Cloaked Disc UFO Over Allen, Texas

Artistic rendering by SW/LITS.


An Allen, Texas couple observe a cloaked disc UFO.

Originally submitted to MUFON, this report is re-posted here, as is, unedited.

MUFON Case # 45207
Allen, Texas
9:07 PM    
Cloaked/ Invisible Disc no noise clear night low several witness!

My wife and I were on the backyard porch in Allen tx facing east north east on when all of the sudden we saw a very low fly almost invisible disc. The only reason it was spotted was because of a airplane flying by and lights reflected on the disc. Once spotted and plane passed it was very very hard to follow and see. This thing blended in so good to clear night sky it was eerie. we watched over the trees head east south-east in silence. I ran to our 8ft fence and climbed up watching pass. As it got overhead we could see under belly of this was spinning fast and still so hard to see.We could clearly see outline of craft but middle looked like hollow a ring see right through. The material was dull. This lasted maybe 1-2 mins not super fast and in one directional path and height. We ran to front to try and follow but once eyes were off it would be near impossible to pick up again. I could talk more but just want to see if any one else picked up. Very populated city this craft is flying over.


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