Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Recent UFO Sightings in San Antonio

Artist Rendering.

UFOs over San Antonio, Texas were reported to MUFON.

These reports are posted here, unedited

MUFON Case # 45451
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Date of Sighting: 01-20-2013
Time of Sighting: 12:00AM
Object Shape: Orb, Oval, Disc   
Summary: Observed five cirle shaped objects fly overhead while changing formation

While outside a live music venue having a cigarette, I noticed what I thought were five white balloons flying across the sky. Made a joke with my wife about flying balloon UFOs. As I said this, the five objects which were flying in line equidistant from each other, moved into a delta formation. This was not happenstance as inline object #4 moved to left of formation, circled across front of object#1 and to its right into position #2 to #1s right. At the same time, inline object #2 followed same flight path as #4, but came back into formation behind #4. Inline objects #3 & 5 closed ranks once #2 & 4 changed position so that they were now parallel with #2 & 4 in a delta formation behind #1. While this formation change happened, none of the objects ever slowed down their forward movement.

Objects came from behind Crown Plaza area. Forward flight path as observed, was looking south, to the right of Crown Plaza, flying north almost directly overhead of 107 E. Martin, continuing north past Convent St., until out of view.

Looking on a st map of the area. Observed overhead flight path appeared to originate somewhere around or before E Pecan St & Soledad, and continued in a northerly direction towards where Giraud & Augusta Sts intersect. Observable portion of path was limited to sky visible while standing between 107 E. Martin and Riverwalk. I lost sight of objects due to them fading out as if someone decided to turn a fader light switch off. Fade out took about 2-3 seconds. The sky was clear on this night, nor were the final observation of the objects obstructed by trees or buildings.


MUFON Case # 45387
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Date of Sighting: 01-23-2013
Time of Sighting: 3:35 PM
Object Shape: Orb, Oval, Disc   
Summary: Spinning Ballon Type UFO

Stepped out on the back porch (Aransas Ave. & Barlow St.) looked north in the sky (looking for birds) and observed what I first thought was a silver or white balloon or possibly a plastic bag floating skyward. Noticed the object moved more slowly than a balloon or plastic bag caught in a breeze would and it seemed to be moving with a purpose of direction. It also seemed to be flipping/spinning or pulsating. I watched the object move slowly upwards and to the NE/NNE at slow speed. I scanned the area for other aircraft and could see none (unusual beacuse I live in the flight path of the International Airport). Thought about calling the Airport but I decided to see how long I could watch this thing, took about 10 minutes before it vanished from sight totally. Winds were light out of the south and there were a few clouds.


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