Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Photo of Hovering Disc UFO at a Cotulla, Texas Oilfield

Photo submitted by witness.
Image cropped, enhanced.

This report was submitted to MUFON and is re-posted here, unedited.

MUFON Case # 45031
Cotulla, TX
Hovering disk like craft with 3 lights hovering about a foot or less off the ground.    

My father works in an oil company here in Texas, and they had noticed that some people were taking the crude oil in the night. So they started putting cameras up around the areas. One night one camera caught a UFO. The news had spread throught the workers and they soon emailed to my father. My father had sent it to me and now Im posting it here on mufon. When I saw the picture I couldnt believe how the shape was, it was what I had expected. More so since it was also hovering off the ground. I was used to different ufos mainly because I have seen some since I was a kid. It really got to me that I now have proof of the existence of these entities.

Photo link

Note:  I have to say that this is one of the best security cam UFO captures I've seen.  It appears to be authentic.  What do you think? -Sunny


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