Sunday, January 27, 2013

Need a tow? Scientists Create Tractor Beam

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A beam of light shines down upon you and next thing you know, your 100 miles up, on an alien ship.  It could happen!  Scientists have created a tractor beam, right out of Star Trek.

Scientists Create Small-Scale Star Trek Tractor Beam

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The UFO hovers above. The crowd rushes to escape as the ship’s doors open, emitting a bright green laser that pulls everything in its path up and into the spacecraft.
Once a thing of pure science fiction, physicists have now created a small-scale real-life tractor beam that can move tiny objects towards a source without physically touching them.
New York University physicists David Ruffner and David Grier set out to experiment with tractor beams after a Chinese research team concluded that using a single laser called a Bessel beam, it should be possible to move particles in a tractor beam manner.


Now when someone says they saw a cow being lifted up into a space ship, it's not so crazy after all.  Right? -SW


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