Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mysterious Booming Sounds in Florida

In March of 2013,  there were fireballs and mystery booms reported over Florida.  Here is one such report.
Please note that this report is unedited.

MUFON Case # 46681     
Date:  March 21, 2013
Location:   West Palm Beach, Florida

Summary:  Bright white light followed by the loudest boom/bang Ive ever heard in the distance to the south. A mystery boom.    

Outside at four in the morning and smoking a cigarette, I saw a bright white light in the direction I was looking (south) followed by a chest shaking bang or boom... Almost like the worlds loudest gunshot times much more. Called the police over it and was informed that it was likely a transformer though their computers showed no outages. I looked into this type of event and found that it falls under the category of mystery boom. The closest event I can direct people to thats similar to what I saw is a video from surveillance taken in Salem, Massachusetts, albeit I was much further away... the video seems to be very close to the boom. I was several miles but it was very loud and the sound took no time to get to me. I didnt see any reports about this in the area, but Ive seen many across the country and feel it should be considered ufo phenomenon. Add West Palm Beach, Florida to the list of places that have experienced a boom. At the time of this posting, more odd events occurred with well known friends in the area. Though this was worth reporting.


Other reports can be seen here:

Were these lights and sounds due to meteors? 


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