Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Take On The 1st Annual Tyler, Texas Paranormal Conference

I'm back from the conference in Tyler, Texas and it was awesome!  I met so many nice people and had a wonderful time.  I even think I did OK as a speaker, at least I hope I was able to inform and for some, build an interest in the field of Ufology.

After I spoke Saturday morning and while folks were taking a short 10 minute break, I was able to answer a few questions and even listen to stories of UFO sighting, including a skeptic or two, as they told me of their experiences.   But they are skeptics, right?  

I tried to impress on everyone that UFO means "unidentified flying object."  It doesn't automatically mean that every unidentified object is an alien craft, it simply means what it implies, that it was something you couldn't identify.

At the Para Con, each speaker was entertaining and informative. After all, they are experts in their own fields of interest, be it ghost hunting, Bigfoot hunting, speaking with spirits, energy work or little o' me and UFOs (Me, an expert?  I'm still learning!).  It was a great experience for me, as I am sure it was for everyone who attended.  I am definitely looking forward to next year!

I would like to publicly thank promoter and producer, George Jones of Jericho's Tours of Tyler.com, and all his associates, for their outstanding job and warm hospitality.


Note: Please stay tuned for "A Ufologist Goes Ghost Hunting"


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