Friday, April 26, 2013

Light Streaks Across West Virginia and Maryland

Are these sightings related?  The sightings occurred on the same evening, yet were seen miles apart in separate states West Virginia and Maryland).

These reports were submitted to MUFON and are re-posted here, unedited.


MUFON Case # 46951    
Date: 04-23-2013
Location: Bel Air, Maryland
Summary: The point of light traveled across the sky in a strange, but mostly straight path. Traveled what would be the eqiuvalent to about 8 inhes across the sky, then abruptly made a 90 degree turn and immediately dissappeared with no noise throughout.

I was smoking a cigarette with my friend, who will also confirm this sighting as he was standing right next to me. Ive been an avid stargazer since birth, I follow UFOlogy, and I have always believed that we were not alone in the universe long before anybody had brought the debate up. Feeling quite robbed of my ability to see the Lyrid meteor shower last night, as there was very dense cloud cover in my area, I decided to see if I could see anything tonight. As we went outside to smoke, we light our cigarettes, and as we often do, looked up. I was just glancing around trying to decide which constellation to marvel at, and as I did I looked to what I think was the star, Alphard, I dont know my stars super well this was after the fact using Starmap 3D, anyway, what I thought was a star begins to move slowly across the sky. As I had just stared to watch it I thought, "Oh, just another plane." As I live very close to BWI and theres constant air traffic over my house. But then as it got closer, I didnt hear any jet engine sounds as I normally always do, and as I watched it move across the sky, it seemed to be weaving, from left to right, in somewhat of a line, as it flew. I thought this was odd for a plane to be flying in this manner, and let out a, "Hmph.", as if puzzled and as my friend dave knew what that sound meant, he began to watch what I was as well. We both obseverd this object for about 5 minutes, and at the very end of the sighting it made a very abrupt 90 degree turn and the light vanished, which is something i have never observed personally until last night. It left me with goosebumpbs as I had been waiting my entire life to observe a UFO first hand, unfortunately without the foresight to bring a video camera I didnt capture anything. But it felt unreal to me, I tried as I could to logically explain away what we had both witnessed. Perhaps a sattelite, for example. But the more I tried, the more it seemed apparent to me that I couldnt explain away what I had seen, which led me to believe that I did in fact observe a UFO.


MUFON Case # 46948    
Date: 04-23-2013    
Location: summersville, West Virginia
Summary: a bright solid white light about size of a pie plate moving at a high rate of speed moving from the NW horizon to about 3/4 SW horizon changing direction at 90 degrees and then shooting straight up out of site no sound. no blinking lights   

Myself an my wife were doing some evening yard work and had piled up a bunch of brush to burn in our fire pit. We decided we would burn the brush and sit and watch for some meteors during the meteor shower, at about 955pm I had stood up to warm my back against the fire and I was facing the North West Sky I noticed this bright round light moving towards us just over the tree tops behind my house, I quickly noticed it did not have any flashing red white or green lights that are required on all aircraft, I said to my wife for her to look at this light coming towards us and over our head, as she saw it she said what is that I said , well I dont know for sure, I cant see any flashing lights like a normal aircraft would have, but we should hear some type of engine noise in a few seconds as it gets over our heads and past us which is normally the case when you see a normal aircraft going past you then you hear the engine. I also noticed that it appeared to be covering a large amount of distance way faster than any aircraft I have ever seen, and believe me I have seen many, I was an Air Force Brat since the age of 6 and I also almost 9 years active duty in the Air Force. I said to my wife Im gonna get my Binoculars that were in my truck approximately 30 feet away from us,I kind of fast walked over to it grabbed them and headed back towards my wife a few steps as I was about to lift the binoculars up towards the object she said in an excited voice it just changed direction, I quickly looked up to get a fix on it with my eyes so I could put my binoculars on it and it appeared to have moved in an easterly Direction form when I last saw it and it appeared to be in a hover for a second then just shot straight up and out of sight within about a sec to second and a half, enough to know that it was getting smaller and not simply the light going out. There was no sound at all. We had seen several aircraft flying around before we saw the object all had the typical flashing red , green type lights and sound, as well as after we saw the object. Having been around every imaginable aircraft in our arsenal as well as many other countries aircraft, I can tell you for a fact this was not one of our Known aircraft. I hope others were out watching the meteor shower and saw the same object.


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