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Sightings in Sugar Land and Austin, Texas - May 8-9, 2013

MUFON Case # 47330

MUFON Case # 47330
Cropped and enlarged.

Here are two reports submitted to MUFON, one from Sugar Land (May 9, 2013), and one from a witness in Austin, Texas, May 8, 2013.
These reports are unedited and are posted here, as is.


MUFON Case # 47348    
Sugar Land, Texas
Summary: picture taken during severe storm

Took photo of severe storm. Nothing was visible to the eye. Didnt notice "lights" until later when looking at pic.

[Editor's Note: Can't tell for sure if these lights are caused from a light flare, a reflection, or if the lights are actually objects captured by the infrared capabilities of the camera.  -Sunny]


MUFON Case # 47330    
Austin, Texas
Summary: 2 Orange/Amber objects descended from the NE, hovered at around 250 ft. then ascended gently going west  

Leaving the Whataburger at 11:15pm...prior to getting on Cameron Road I noticed a whirring sound and a few seconds later I noticed 2 light-objects moving from the NE toward my location and coming from hi to low elevation.

There were 2 objects moving in a lose and changing formation in relation to eachother...they were descending toward my direction (I stopped the car immediately and got out to observe because of how strange they looked and moved...there was a very subtle wobble or side-to-side motion as they moved along.

They stopped at an altitude between 200-300 feet, judging from the power-line height...they were very low and the whirring sound was very subtle and didnt last long.

They would be pretty easy to miss because they did not give off light rays...they had a clear edge to them but still having an inherent orange illumination.

As they moved westward above Hwy 290 I got back into the car and tried to follow. Somehow, without appearing to speed up they gained altitude and distance quickly...out of site by the time I reached the access road of Hwy 290 from Cameron Road. I moved onto 183North hoping to catch another siting of them but that wasnt successful.

My girlfriend was in the car with me. She heard and saw the whole thing...we have a photo from her phone camera that we will upload soon for the report file. It clearly shows the 2 orb-like objects.


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