Thursday, May 16, 2013

Strange Sounds and Vibrations In Round Rock

In the past I have received a number of emails, concerning an annoying 'sound' in the Round Rock, Texas area.   It seems only a select few hear this sound and some actually feel accompanying "vibrations."

I received an email yesterday, from one long suffering witness who wrote:  "I've been hearing a vibration late at night, usually starting between 11pm-12am.   It sounds like a cross between the alien sound in the movie "Contact" and a truck running its engine, yet not as rhythmic.   It annoys me so much it's hard to sleep, yet my husband doesn't hear it at all."

She admits that she recently had a fluid buildup in her ear but now that it's cleared up, she hears the sound... again.

So what is this annoying sound?   Some people liken it to the Taos Hum.   Others simple say it sounds and "feels like" a like a distant semi running at idle. 

Is this night time cacophony merely acoustic reflectivity from a distant city, or main highway?   Or perhaps it's some type of military testing, or even traffic reverberating through a deep underground tunnel? 

Whatever it is, it's driving people batty and causing a lot of sleepless hours.

If you live in the Round Rock, Texas area and are bothered by an unidentifiable nocturnal thrumming that seems to come from everywhere, yet nowhere, please contact me.

-Sunny Williams, LITS


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