Sunday, May 26, 2013

What would you do if you found an alien body?

I received an email from a dear friend, who asked a thought provoking question, so here it is, just as he wrote it.



How you iz? Hope the correct answer is happy and healthy.

I ran across an article this evening ( and realized something that is less intuitive than you would hope.  The question is "what would you do if you found an alien body?", but that doesn't go far enough.  You and I have discussed the fact that there may be trolls in any or all UFO and alien organizations and we certainly can't trust the government, so I think the real question is who do you go to with the information?  The article garnered a couple of good responses, but it all becomes moot if handled inappropriately.  Do you have unshakable faith in anyone or any institution to handle something like this?  Is it possible that the right answer really is to conceal it and or acclimate society at a pace to be determined?

There are idiots out there who really go nuts, but that rationale opens the biggest can of worms imaginable.  For example, you would have to expect terrible violence after every presidential election because over 60 million people will lose. Therefore, it only takes a 1/60,000,000% of the population to be deadly. Further, at the moment there is statistically a probability of


percent of the world's population today that the next Hitler, Einstein, etc, etc. is developing.   Opportunity, choice, and other factors play their part in reducing it even further, but the law of averages and statistical analysis eventually produce virtually any situation. God has often allowed history to repeat itself, so we know what good and evil man is capable of by empirical evidence.

Bet that tangent didn't make any sense, but my point is that the absence of planning, proper instructions, and appropriate precautions for such an event has an indeterminable number of potential outcomes.  In my personal opinion, if an alien civilization was indisputably discovered and presented, the vast majority of the population is fully capable of acquiescing, accepting, and integrating such news.   One of the greater concerns I read repeatedly is that the world isn't capable of handling this stuff but I think you would be looking at a very, very small percentage not unlike the examples above.  In every event, every environment, every scenario there is potential for something to go wrong.

Shouldn't authoritative figures controlling this type of information be just as concerned about the portion of the world census who may become unhinged at being lied to or  having truth hidden?

This means those who have resources also have a responsibility to educate the masses on what to do to mitigate the negativity associated with it.  You are the one I would go to in a heartbeat, but what would you do if I called one day and said I had irrefutable and undeniable proof of aliens?  Would you take time to exercise extreme caution, would you rush it out to someone immediately, would it be a phone call, a press conference (if you could get anyone to attend), would our families wind up living in the Australian Outback hiding from the authorities, or what?

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Thoughts to ponder.  I discussed with him what I would do and will address that at a later date.  Right now I'd like to know your thoughts on this subject.  Thanks!


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  1. Clearly the gentleman inquiring about the most adequate procedure for handling a personal encounter is a true genius. The thought of having such an opportunity slip through one's hands resulting in a lifetime (potentially artificially short due to mishandling this exact situation)of regret should be abhorrent to any serious and responsible citizen. It makes an immense amount of sense to develop some foolproof method to disclose this information appropriately and responsibly. Organizations that study and research after the fact experiences are indispensable, but a reliable plan including people, places, organizations, and rigid policy and procedure absolutely needs to be developed. Then someone needs to be appointed or take it upon him/herself to disseminate the information to the masses in a manner such that it would become common knowledge from seasoned researchers to children who normally only commit nursery rhymes to memory. This act could expedite actual disclosure by decades including possibly encouraging someone who may already has the evidence in hand to come forth. At worst, if handled correctly, the decision of who, what, when, etc has the lock on how to tell the world as of today would lose their hold and may even be compelled to come clean themselves.

    Is this a viable means to change the landscape in favor of rapid and complete disclosure? I say yes.


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