Sunday, September 16, 2012

UFO Confrontation Over Mansfield, Ohio, 1973

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On October 18, 1973, four military helicoptor crewmen had a dangerous encounter with a cigar-shaped UFO, over Mansfield, Ohio.

The UFO shown a green beam of light onto the helicopter as it descended, in an attempt to avoid a collision. At 1700 feet AGL, the helicopter was stopped in it's descent and lifted back up into the air, stopping at an elevation of about 3800 feet, where the alien craft held it firmly in place, apparently scanning the helicopter.

Meanwhile, the DeLong family was driving on the outskirts of Mansfield, when they saw the encounter between the helicopter and the UFO.  They were interviewed 3 years later.

Twenty years later, Detective John Healy, one of the helicopter crewmen, stepped forward with his account of what had transpired.  The encounter was re-enacted on the popular paranormal documentary TV series, "Sightings".  The episode "UFO over Mansfield, OH" originally aired on 11/13/1994.



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  1. I too remember this happening very well, me and my sister were in the back yard working when we saw this craft with red lights almost like hoovering around in the sky, me being 13 and my sidter being about 30 she told me not to say anything about it, so untill now 2013 I kept it to myself, we both realized this is some kind of UFO, wasnt till this year for the first time I have read about it, I always thought that only me and my sister saw it but turns out hundreds in Mansfield saw this thing


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