Thursday, September 13, 2012

Possible Discovery of New Anomalies On Moon by Ken Pfeifer


by Ken Pfeifer

I have been researching the Moon and Mars photos for many years.  I have discovered a few things that have no explanation.  NASA has made all of this information available but they have made it very hard and confusing to find it.  There seems to be hundreds of NASA sites covering many things.  Finding the hi-definition photos of the Moon has been the hardest part.  Many times you will find blurry photos of certain areas on the Moon.  Even Google Moon has many of these blurred areas on the Moon.  Of course they are trying to hide something. One of my many sources as been the  Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature. USGS [NASA]. The Lunar Astronautical Chart (LAC) series divides the Moon into 144 quadrangles (36 Mercator, 106 Lambert Conformal, and 2 Polar Stereographic quadrangles).

I noticed something very strange while viewing the hi-definition photo.  There are many X marking on many photos and I found what looks like a enormous wall on the moon.  At first I thought it is markings from a photo device that joins photos together but this is not the case. 

Photo 1 is from the Moons surface.  Zeeman-e crater. Strange X and wall.  I discovered this on 9-12-12  8 pm est. 

Photo 2 is from the Moon surface. Ashbrook crater. Another X and wall object.  I discovered this on 9-10-12  9.11 pm est.

Photo 3 is from the Moon surface. Drygalski crater.  Large building.  I discovered this on 9-3-12  8.41 pm est.

Photo 4 is from the Moon surface. Malapert-a crater.  Enormous V shaped object.  At first I thought this was a reflection of the sun but its too defined to be that.  I discovered this on 9-5-12  9.25 pm est.

Photo 5 is from the Mars surface.  Newton crater.  This is not a natural formation.  Looks like a definite man or alien made object.  I discovered this on 11-23-11  7.49 pm est.

These are only a few photos of the many strange objects on the Moon and Mars.  I feel that we need to investigate the hi-definition photos released by NASA and the European Space Agencies. Our governments are spending billions of dollars to see if life exist on other planets.  DUH. The answers exist on the Moon. Maybe we can use some of this wasted money for important things.  Personally I could care less if someone once lived on Mars.  I care more about all the pollution, disease and the poor children in third world countries.






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