Saturday, September 29, 2012

Secrets, Cover-ups and Links: UFOs and Aliens In The News

I've searched and compiled a few links to news stories, which might be of interest.  Enjoy!

Are UFOs Studying US Military Bases?
UFOs Are Real, Should Be Studied, Says Ex-Project Blue Book Director Col. Robert Friend
UFOs Spotted Over London Government Offices
Buddhist Iron Man found by Nazis is from space
Can a Foil Hat Keep People (or Aliens) from Reading Your Thoughts?
Extraterrestrials: UFO resembles Star Trek Sci Fi Borg Cube
White House Petition seeks new Roswell UFO crash investigation
Was bizarre UFO sighting visiting aliens, a terrifying vision of Hell - or merely a meteorite?
And finally: UFO on Google Street View?
Um, sorry.  That is most definitely a lens flare.


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