Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jellyfish-like UFO Over Dallas, TX - 9/15/2012

This picture is an artistic rendering.  There is no photo of the object.

I received an email from a witness in Dallas, Texas, who saw something strange in the sky.

Please note that the email is "as is", with the exception that the person's name has been removed.

Location: Dallas, Texas
Date: September 15, 2012
Time: 10:45 p.m.
Shape: Oval, jellyfish-like, Circle

Good Afternoon-

My name is [name redacted]. I'm not really sure if what I saw was a UFO. Ive searched for days now to see if there were any other sightings in Dallas,TX the night of September 15, 2012. It was about 10:45-10:50 pm. I expected to see a news report or something on tv talking about what we saw. It was pretty big. But nothing. I read a lot about sightings and honestly, im not even sure if what i saw fits the description. I am a religious person, and I'm not sure if what i saw was alien or super natural. There were about 10 of us that saw this. I wanted to know if you could give me any suggestions on trying to see if there were other reports in my area.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]

After replying and asking for a detailed description of what they saw, the witness replied:

Thanks for the quick response.  I was inside a mechanic garage when the others first spotted it outside. A little boy about the age of 5 started pointing up to the sky and asked his dad to look at.  When he did this, everyone that was standing outside looked up and saw a very bright "thing" in the sky.  They said that it came over the top of the garage and it was huge.  It was very low and looked like it was going to land on the ground.  They said it appeared to be very bright on the bottom and around the sides and at first appeared to pulsate going from small to large.  At one point it looked like it was flapping wings-but not in the shape of wings.  Someone yelled for me to come outside and look at this and when i got to front of the garage (where the door was pulled up)I looked up into the sky and I saw something that looked like a jellyfish without the tentacles.  It freely flowed in the sky in a shapeless form (very large). It then formed a circle and ascended up.  It did not have the typical movement described by others as a appeared to move slowly (like a jellyfish) upward; but faster than an airplane.  It ascended up in the shape of a circle.  You could see the circle form until it disappeared. 

It frightened some people there. I think because when it first appeared over the top of the one story building, it was extremely large.  For some reason, I wasn't afraid. I was convinced it was something not natural to our world.  I felt it was more of a spiritual nature.  Once I started looking online to see if there were any other sightings, I found that some have reported seeing UFO that look like jellyfish.  I asked if there could have been something chemical that created what we saw. The fact that everyone said that at one point it appeared to flap like wings made me dismiss this theory. 

I saw a meteor streak back in February 2012.  It was widely reported here in Dallas. I was walking my dog and it flew right above my me in the sky.  It moved very quickly.  Whatever it was that we saw did not move fast like that.  It almost seem to float.  Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated. 

Note: If you saw this object over Dallas on September 15, 2012, or have had a similar sighting, please report it. -SW



  1. I believe it was in the sky again tonight. Im in south grand prairie and saw it to the north east of us. It was not over us but in the distance we saw a very bright blue/violet light that had the same movement that you described. This was happening around south Dallas maybe 35E & 20 or so. Happened around 9:35 - 9:45 pm got a short video clip on my phone but it just looks like a blue dot. - but it IS there!

  2. I was just scowering the internet to see if I could find some information about what i saw about the same time what you said happened. I went outside to let my dogs out late at night and i saw the same thing this jellyfish looking thing fliating above my neighoors house. It was weird though as soon as one floated out of sight another one started floating . I saw three in total. I live in Chicago IL.

  3. I seen something very similar 11/18/2011 near Riverside, CA. You can read the report I submitted on the MUFON website #36360...


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