Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crescent-shaped Craft and "Flying Wing" Seen Over Killeen, Texas 9/8/2012

A Killeen, Texas witness filed a UFO sightings report with MUFON, stating that they observed both a crescent-shaped craft and a "flying wing."

That report is re-posted here, as is, with no corrections.

Note: Is it possible that what was seen were actually secret military craft?

MUFON Case # 42410
Location: Killeen, Texas
Date of Sighting: 09/08/2012
Time of Sighting: 08:45 UTC
Shape:     Boomerang
Straight-line path
Summary: Low fly over of reflective crescent followed by low flyover by flying wing

A friend of mine while having friends over noticed an object flying well below cloud coverage and very fast, the object seemed to match the same colors as the night sky and clouds as it flew. This Object was described to me as crescent shaped. about 20 seconds later the object vanished. THEN 20 minutes later, a flying wing object passed overhead with pulsating dim lights, it was flying much slower than the first object, but in the same path.



  1. Now, this crescent sighting reminds me of the supposed very first UFO Sighting, or rather: the first recorded modern sighting of a "flying saucer." Forgive me if you're already aware, but for your reader's info: The man's name was Kenneth Arnold (a businessman and pilot), and it was a few years after the end of WWII (1947). The shape of this sighting fits what he described as being like "saucers skipping across water," though he saw a squadron of crafts that bounced in their movements around his single-prop plane.

    Anyway, I'm Robert Hughey. (Waves hello)
    I am enjoying this site immensely, and I plan on linking to several of your posts in my own little site dedicated to the Search for Real UFOs. I have been working on a piece about the origins of the UFO Phenomenon, and modern sightings that are remeniscent of Arnold's make for good reference.
    Nice to meet you.

  2. Ive also seen it in tyler tx where i live. it was wing shaped just like u described it.the ufo flow over my house friday 6 around 12 am and again saturday the 8 between 12 30 and 1 am but it made noises similar to a jet.


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